The SGU Season 2 Trailer has arrived!

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Only six days until the return of Stargate Universe to SyFy Channel in the US, and the season 2 trailer has just hit the web with a vengeance!

As David Blue has tweeted, “Awesomeness, thy name is this #SGU SEASON 2 TRAILER.” First, it effectively recaps the crucial events of the first season, and then, in the style of most trailers, it raises more questions than it answers! Check it out!

So, Rush will discover a sort of bridge? With a captain’s chair? Was I the only one wondering where that was? Every ship has to have a bridge! It’s a rule that has withstood the test of every sci-fi flick involving spaceships! So why did it take them so long to find it?

Is anyone surprised that Rush will mislead Young? Again?

Weird dreams and diseases are in store! And perhaps a mental meltdown? After all, all that stress has to take it’s toll, right?

New relationships are blooming, too, but are they for the right reasons?

Between new aliens and ships, it looks like we are in for a season of some truly incredible CGI, and some really phenomenal acting!

No, that wasn’t . . . it couldn’t have been . . .  the Destiny?!

The second season seems to be building up on the idea that the Destiny is on a mission beyond simple exploration. One that supersedes the crew’s desire to get home.

That in itself says volumes.

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