Pogo Breaks New Grounds

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Using sounds from popular movies and mixing them into mesmerizing tracks, Pogo has broken new ground in the music world.

When we describe Pogo as using sounds to compose music we mean he uses sounds at their most basic levels and mixes them together to create songs that are 100% unique. He breaks apart words, melting syllabels from multiple words together and creates new words and sounds. He even pieces together environmental noises to create emphasis to convey ideas and emotions. Merging all of these new sounds together as instruments, Pogo creates masterpieces of pure fancy that are pleasant to the ear and always, inevitably, get stuck in your head.

Pogo's new official logo, the Space Bunny!

He’s been an internet phenomena for years now but very few people have heard of him. His popularity seems to travel via word of mouth. In fact, that’s how we heard about him!

Composing and creating songs for films such as Toy Story, Gone with the Wind, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,  and even Terminator 2, Pogo takes the feel of the movie and translates it into an audio masterpiece. You feel the desperation, hope, struggle and overall badassness of Terminator 2 in Pogo’s piece Skynet Symphonic and you feel the magical wonder in what is being called his most sophisticated piece yet, Mary’s Garden from the children’s classic, A Secret Garden.

What has gotten Pogo the most acclaim lately is his take on the Disney/Pixar masterpiece Up! titled Upular. Disney/Pixar was impressed enough with his work that Pixar posted Pogo’s Upular on their YouTube channel! Head on over to YouTube and check it out. We guarantee you’ll be humming it for the rest of the day.

For more information on Pogo, to download his songs and watch his videos please visit Pogomix.net.

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