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SpaceGypsy1 October 5, 2010 No Comments »

On the last day of Dragon*Con a new panel was added, attended by Alaina Huffman and Michael Shanks. It was billed in the Daily Dragon as a discussion about working on various shows that film on the west coast, and differences they’ve experienced between productions in Canada and the US. It was quickly decided by the panelists, who were joined by Mark Sheppard, that no one really cared about that topic! The panel turned into a regular Q&A session, but a good one nevertheless!

This panel was scheduled at the same time as a huge Stargate panel, but I didn’t realize it until it was too late. Who would have thought that they would separate 2 Stargate stars from all the other guests and have 2 panels at once? I was very unhappy with the Stargate Multiverse Track runners for this, and so were several of my fellow gypsies!

The panel went just over an hour, so I found myself a bit unprepared for the long hall and had to change cameras!   Oh dear, lesson learned for next year, right?  Still, all in all,  we have the wonder of technology, and quick Gypsy magic to thank for this one.


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