Destination Truth – the Power of Myth

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I love Destination Truth! Love it. And it’s one of those shows where the public likes/loves it or dislikes/hates it. No in between.

Those on the dislike side generally – at least the ones I have spoken with – generally don’t have an inkling of a belief in the paranormal. They are skeptics.  There are no Ghosts, no Aliens, no Bigfoot as far as they are concerned.

Personally, I can’t remember NOT believing. But that’s really not the point. Destination Truth is about travel, characters, rituals, fun times, getting scared in the dark, and most importantly…myths.

Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell have covered that subject, the importance of Myths, quiet well.  Joseph Campbell said in an interview with Bill Moyer: “Myths are clues to the spiritual potentialities of the human life.

I don’t think Josh Gates, the host of Destination Truth (Truth being the important word here), intends to completely debunk Myth. Actually, from watching the show, his actions point to a clear respect for indigenous peoples and their beliefs and their rituals.

Of course, while he searches for the truth,(some concrete evidence of Big Foot or the Ghost of Chernobyl, or wild sea monsters), Gates and his crew have some awe inspiring moments, get the crap scared out of them, usually have some fun, and take some strange and suspect chances… okay, sometimes that seems a bit unnecessary, but in the end everyone including viewers, have had a good time, a good ‘Oh My God’ moment, and a view of life among those who still respect the myths in their lives.

Possibly the creepiest thing I have ever seen is the Destination Truth Episode, Island of the Dolls, in Season 3.   If you really want to see creepy, find that one and watch it… alone.

Destination Truth on the SyFy Channel, Thursday evenings, gets five out of five wagons from this SpaceGyspy!

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