Ghost Hunters Meet and Greet

SpaceDarling January 27, 2010 2 Comments »

After weeks of jealousy from hearing of all the fun had at Dragon Con by the SpaceGypsies, I got to go have a bit of fun of my own! My husband surprised me with tickets to go meet some of the cast from Ghost Hunters at Olive or Twist in Pittsburgh, PA!!(Hosted by ScareHouse) I know, exciting!!!

Standing in line for some time, outside, in Pittsburgh, in October(really it wasn’t that bad, and WORTH it), we made our way through the check in and there they were, Steve Gonsalves, Dave Tango, Kris Williams, Amy Bruni and Dustin Pari. I was so excited!! I had my shirt, purchased at Dragon Con by my Mom, already signed by Amy and Tango, and was ready to have Steve, Kris and Dustin add to it. As I lay the shirt down for each of them to sign they all had one question…who did the extra mystery signature belong to? Laughing, I told them it was Sean Maher from Firefly that my mom had asked to sign the shirt at Dragon Con.

As I made my way to each new person, my nerves were about shot and I revealed myself to be the spaz I truly am. I was SO nervous that I would smile like a maniac, shake their hand and toss my shirt down with a rushed ‘Would you sign my shirt?’ before snatching it up and tossing it at the next victim. Oh boy.

After making my way through the line I took some time to collect myself…Oh Boy, indeed! Did I really just act like that? I was so embarrassed! So…I made my way back over to where people were just starting to hang out and chit chat and I apologized to Dustin, who being at the end of the line had gotten the brunt of my frazzled nerves! He laughed and told me that was fine, it happens. ‘So you regularly have people get star struck and throw shirts at you?’ I asked.

As the evening went on I settled down enough to get to take a few pictures and to talk with a few people like Dustin and Steve. In a later conversation with Dustin he revealed he had had his own ‘star struck’ moment with an old idol. When I asked him if he had ever had a moment, while ghost hunting, that had scared him enough that he questioned what he was doing Dustin replied that he had been shooting a rather uneventful episode and when they had finished and were packing up he realized he had left something behind and took off to retrieve it. As he walked through the pitch black building he for the first time that night felt something and at that moment was disturbed enough to question himself as to what he was doing there by himself. I felt creeped out just hearing him tell the tale.

I also found a few moments to talk to Steve and wondered if he missed getting to go out and ghost hunt with Jason, Grant and the rest of the ‘old’ crew. Steve told me that they actually are only gone for a few weeks and that while it seems longer for us at home watching he really is back with the team doing their thing most of the time.

All in all, despite my nerves, it was a great time and everyone was more friendly than I could have imagined and I look forward to my next adventure…hopefully soon.

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  1. spacegypsy1No Gravatar October 28, 2010 at 11:17 am - Reply

    You’re lucky! I only got to meet Tango and Amy at DragonCon. They are all very open and kind, and willing to chat. And GreenEggsNSamm is right, it just makes you love Ghost Hunters more!

  2. GreenEggsNSammNo Gravatar October 28, 2010 at 9:21 am - Reply

    So glad you got to meet them SpaceDarling! Aren’t they just wonderful down to Earth people? Meeting them makes me love the show even more!

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