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My husband is a complete carnivore. He loves his meat and insists on eating it at almost every meal. Personally, I’m not a huge meat fan. It’s not that I have any moral objection to eating it or that I don’t like the taste. I just don’t really care whether or not I eat it. I could easily go vegetarian and for the past few months I’ve been contemplating an experiment…spend 15 days eating a 100% vegan diet.  As you can imagine this has Lord Monkeypants up in arms and fearful that I’ll either turn into a hippie or try to make him give up meat.

Needless to say, while doing research on what foods are considered vegan and what aren’t, I discovered that there are a ton of foods I never thought were vegan that actually are! Among those foods are Smarties, the yummy sugary candy that I’ve been picking out of our trick-or-treat bowl for the past few weeks. Lord Monkeypants was, admittedly, surprised and slightly disappointed to find out Smarties were a vegan food.

ME: Did you really expect there to be animal products in Smarties?

LORD MONKEYPANTS: Well, I was hoping…



On Easter weekend this year Lord Monkeypants and I adopted a pit bull puppy named Bunny from a local shelter. She’s a character and that’s putting it mildly. Bunny’s favorite activities include running around like a crazy dog and flipping herself upside down on the couch. She’s always getting herself into some sort of trouble which has caused my father to start calling her “the little terrorist” which has caused Lord Monkeypants to call her “Osama Bin Bunny.”

In September we adopted Cesar, a hybrid pit bull from Bombshell Bullies Pit Bull Rescue as a companion for Bunny. He’s big and scary looking. I’m not going to lie. But our hearts melted when we saw his butt wiggle in excitement and he rolled over on his back for belly rubs. Cesar is definitely an alpha dog. At the rescue (which is also home to No Bull Dog Style Dog Training) he was one of the pack leaders.

Bunny (left) and Cesar relax

Cesar has been in shelters almost all his life so it’s taken him a while to adjust to living in a home. He’s scared of the camera. He thinks the swiffer might eat him and an unopened can of soda holds too many horrors to count. Yet he loves playing in the pile of freshly raked leaves (after he marks it of course) and chasing the leaf blower. So we thought he would be alright with the vacuum.

Bunny hates the vacuum and, like with the yard rake, constantly tries to kill it. Cesar could care less about the rake and seemed to want to play with the vacuum. When I finished cleaning the floors I rolled up the cord and left the vacuum in the dining room for Lord Monkeypants to take downstairs. A few moments later Lord Monkeypants calls to me from the living room.

LORDMONKEYPANTS: Honey! Your son has decided to make the vacuum his bitch!

I went to go look and sure enough, Cesar had “marked” my vacuum cleaner. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time!


LORDMONKEYPANTS: I’ve got it! A coyote/pit bull mix! It doesn’t get anymore awesome than that!

ME: *Head Desk*


For an amusing video of our dear sweet Bunny helping rake the leaves in our backyard, click the link below!

Bunny Rake

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    OMG Bunny!! You goof! Get that rake! Get it! XD

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