“Four Days at Dragon*Con” Could Air Nationwide

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In 2009, a documentary was shot titled, “Four Days at Dragon*Con”. It was a masterfully done piece that aired in Atlanta Georgia on their local PBS station in the Fall of 2010, perfectly timed to lead into that year’s big Dragon*Con. It accurately explained what Dragon*Con is, why it’s so awesome, and why fans flock to it in numbers exceeding 40,000 people. It was briefly available for viewing online. Today our SpaceGypsy writers received this Facebook message through our friends in the Stargate Multiverse Track:

We are pleased to a announce that the show has been picked up for national distribution and will be available to PBS stations around the country for airing next April, 2011.http://www.facebook.com/l/44266S1svD7lsxSzJYZ70VFhDBQ;www.pbs.org/stationfinder/stationfinder_relocalize.html

Here’s the deal: while it will be available nationally, it’s up to individual stations to air it. If at least 25 don’t opt in, it won’t happen. So, we need people to contact their local Public Broadcasting stations and request that they run the show. If you live outside of Georgia, this is your chance to see it on TV. Tell your friends, fans, followers and other contacts to request it. If you live in Atlanta and have seen the show, tell people out of state. When you contact your local station, you should request the documentary “Four Days at Dragon*Con” and specify that it is available from American Public Television. You can find your local affiliate here:

Also, we will be streaming the show in its entirety online, but not until April.

Thanks for your help in this, and I hope you dig the show.

Jack Walsh
Producer/Editor, This Is Atlanta,
Get Delicious!, DragonCon Documentary
Public Broadcasting Atlanta

You heard the man! This is a great chance to get Dragon*Con the national recognition it deserves! Spread the word!

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