Stargate Resistance to End in 60 Days

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In a shocking announcement, one that has upset me as much as the cancellation of Stargate: Atlantis, Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment Inc. released this news yesterday:

Dear Valued Customer,
On November 16, 2010, the License Agreement between Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, Inc. and MGM Interactive, Inc. expired.  As a result, Cheyenne will no longer be able to offer Stargate Resistance for sale to new customers.   However, in the best interests of our customers, game play will be provided for a period of 60 days (until January 15, 2011) to customers who purchased Stargate Resistance prior to November 16, 2010.  Look for more information as it becomes available.

That’s right, they are pulling the plug. As fans who have watched this drama unfold know, MGM has had a series of nightmares when it came to games and Stargate. Stargate Alliance failed. Then Stargate Worlds, a MMORPG, came around and looked promising. Advertising was up and running before the game had a release date. The developers tried to garner funds by developing and releasing Stargate Resistance, a third person shooter/online game with a lot of potential for development. It is high quality, fast paced, and well deserving of the Stargate name. The game has already changed hands once, but hasn’t suffered for it. Until now.

With MGM dealing with some serious financial difficulties, trying to settle their debt, Cheyenne Mountain has been caught in the middle. MGM’s hands are tied, and this is no doubt why the License Agreement was not renewed.

The question is should fans have to suffer from this more than we already have? As someone who loves the game, plays daily, and can’t imagine what I will do when I can’t log on and snipe an ashrak or backstab a soldier anymore, I say I don’t think so!

So what can Stargate fans and lovers of Resistance do? At the moment I don’t know for sure. Cheyenne Mountain is being tight-lipped about it. With news this new it’s difficult to tell where fans should go to voice their disappointment. Don’t worry though, when the second the path becomes clear, SpaceGypsies will lead the way!

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