Speaking of Werewolves, Red Riding Hood Trailer

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So, the new trailer for Red Riding Hood is out.   Touted as a gothic, dark werewolf tale, Red Riding Hood is directed by Catherine Hardwicke and stars Amanda Seyfried, Gary Oldman and has Michael Shanks too!   Ye ha for Shanks!

I like werewolves, actually  more than vampires, though vampires have their merit. Not a fan of blood and guts horror, I prefer more realistic myth and legends scary stuff. The Freddie Krueger, slash and mutilate is not for me. I mean really, so totally unrealistic, right? People don’t cut up people.

Anyway, back to reality. Being a Stargate SG-1 fan I’ve been keeping my eye out for this trailer for Red Riding Hood because Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson, on Stargate SG-1) is in it. (The movie, unfortunately not the trailer).

The trailer has a pretty girl, a pretty boy and a pretty cool red cape. Also there’s some pretty scenery and some town folk looking pretty darn concerned. And talk of the wolf.

Nothing in the trailer actually looked spooky, scary, werewolfy, with the exception of the claws slashing at the end – that’s a good sign that the werewolf is actually in the movie. I sure hope Shanks is the werewolf. That’d be way cool. But it’s probably the pretty boy, or the pretty purple caped Gary Oldman.

This trailer seems to indicate it’s heavy on the sexy romance, which is not a bad thing. It may be a love story where a werewolf runs around and kills people (probably Shanks gets killed early on and I can turn off the movie).

The release date is March 2011. Let’s hope it’s fun and entertaining. And let’s hope for more trailers soon!

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