Big Congratulations to Janina Gavankar!

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SpaceGypsies would like to give a big CONGRATULATIONS to The Gates star and fellow Chicagoan Janina Gavankar! According to several sources, Janina has been cast as a series regular on the HBO smash hit True Blood. Janina will join the fourth season of the show as Luna, a public school teacher with some serious sex appeal who just so happens to be a shapeshifter like the ever so yummy Sam Merlotte.

Other cast additions include Alexandra Breckenridge, Fiona Shaw, and Vedette Lim as Wiccans and an underground cage fighter. But we’ve got to say, as Chicago girls and Gates fans we’re the most excited to see Janina flex her shapeshifting muscles!

Can’t wait until Season 4 airs to see Janina? Don’t forget to check her out on FX’s The League as Shiva, the hot namesake for the League’s annual Shivabowl! You can download her episodes now on iTunes or check them out on

Don’t forget to follow Janina on Twitter for all the latest news and updates!

For more information on True Blood Season 4 check out Deadline Hollywood & .

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