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This week, as I hoped, released a report about the discontinuation of the game, Stargate Resistance, and they got the inside scoop. Their report, (which you can read here) was rather confusing, however, so GreenEggsNSamm, our legal expert, helped me to decipher the issues. Here are the conclusions we drew:

Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment developed Stargate Worlds and then went into bankruptcy. When that happened, Dark Comet was formed and bought the rights to Resistance. So it sounds like the game was really licensed under Dark Comet and not CME. Then CME filed suit against Dark Comet saying they illegally transferred its assets to the new company when CME went bankrupt.  The lawsuit was settled and Dark Comet was ordered to return assets to CME, but without being able to read further court documents we don’t know what those assets were.

They’re not releasing details but it appears that the only person with reliable and credible information on the lawsuit is the court receiver, which we will never get to talk to unless the case is listed in public record.

It seems possible that MGM is withholding the license agreement because they don’t want to get involved in whatever is going on between Dark Comet and CME. It sounds like MGM wants to keep their noses out of it. If the case was settled and the assets were returned to CME, that means CME now owns full rights to Stargate Resistance. MGM is canceling the contract with them.

The contract could be being canceled for a large number of reasons:

  • MGM doesn’t have the funding to give to CME
  • CME is in bankruptcy and doesn’t have their own funding (producing video games is expensive)
  • There aren’t enough players to subsidize the cost to maintain the game’s servers
  • There aren’t enough players to subsidize further expansion of the game.
  • MGM may not want to be involved with CME. Companies often don’t like dealing with other companies who file lawsuits over internal disputes.
  • Maybe MGM wasn’t satisfied with the quality of the game.

I still blame the weak membership in the game on a total lack of advertising. However many players who have been witness to CME’s financial difficulties are quick to lay the blame on Gary Whiting, head of CME. While Whiting may have contributed to CME’s bankruptcy, we need to remember that he is also responsible for the court receiver that is now fighting to get the license renewed.

So what can we do? We need to continue to write MGM and implore them to find a way to work with CME on terms that would allow them to feel able to renew that license. Regardless of any mistakes he may have made, Whiting seems passionate about Stargate Resistance, perhaps passionate enough to make some concessions to please MGM. We need to keep urging MGM to work with CME to solve this, and not just stonewall them.

Write these people:

Charles Cohen,Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Travis Rutherford, Executive Vice President of MGM Interactive

Steven Hendry, Senior Executive Vice President, Finance

Bedi A. Singh, President, Finance and Administration & Chief Financial Officer

Stephen F. Cooper, Vice Chairman

Harry E. Sloan, Chairman

Mary Parent, Chairperson for Worldwide Motion Picture Group

At these addresses:

MGM Worldwide Television Distribution
2500 Broadway Street, Santa Monica, CA 90404-3065

MGM Studios Corporation Purchasing
240 Broadway Street, Santa Monica, CA 90401

10250 Constellation Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90067

And send emails here:

Let our geek flags fly high, and let our voices be heard saying, “Give us back our Resistance! Renew the license!”

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  1. Save SGW/SGRNo Gravatar December 3, 2010 at 1:50 pm - Reply

    To quote our friend:

    The Stargate franchise has lasted over 15 years yet in those 15 years the franchise has had little luck with venturing into the video game industry. The Stargate fan community is vast and has an expanding demographic which would bring in co…untless players. To remove the 2 games now will only be a further loss to all. The video game industry needs to see a Stargate game hit the market and this needs to be taken seriously if the franchise is to survive. Stargate Worlds and Stargate Resistance go hand in hand with the fate of the franchise as a whole. To fail here would only leave an irremovable stain on the history of the Stargate franchise. – GCm4n


    Help us to Save both Stargate Worlds and Stargate Resistance!
    Sign the Petition here:

  2. Name (required)No Gravatar December 2, 2010 at 12:52 am - Reply

    there is an attempt to save both games!!!

    sign the petition here:

  3. bahamut8591No Gravatar November 30, 2010 at 1:06 pm - Reply

    playitgrand, i know you from the game. now CME did not go into bankruptcy, They filed for it, but it was denied. Gary was the one who messed everything up and made CME lose everything they had. You need to do more insight of all 3 cases before you post another article. You are missing a whole bunch of information that should be in this article.

    • PlayItGrandNo Gravatar November 30, 2010 at 9:51 pm - Reply

      Hello Bahamut! Thank you for commenting! Thank you for the explaination as well. It’s difficult to tell what is going on. My report is based entirely on the information provided by in their report. I am sorry if it is incomplete. We did our best to work with the information at hand. Thanks again!

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