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Yesterday, I had a nice evening with my family, enjoying my birthday. For a gift, my Dad went out and found me one of the few things I specifically asked for this year: a Motorola Multimedia Station for my Droid phone.

I was very happy to get it. I wanted it mainly because I sometimes like to listen to Pandora Radio without using headphones. With the Media Station I would be able to play the music without laying my phone face down so the speaker wouldn’t be muffled. I would also be able to watch videos without holding the Droid constantly, which would be really nice. Finally, I would be able to use it as a charger, which would give me a second outlet charger. When you use your phone as much as I do and travel as much as I do sometimes, that’s a big deal.

No sooner did I get the media station out of it’s box, plug it in, and go to place my Droid in the cradle that I saw that it didn’t fit!! Yes, Dad bought the station for the right Droid model. That wasn’t the problem. Guess what it was. The Droid will not fit while it has a case on it! That’s right! If you get one of these, you will have to take the case off of your phone every time you want to use it!

Plastic cases like the one I have are everywhere. At about 1/8 of an inch thick, they are great for protecting your Droid against dings and scratches. However, every time you take it off, you risk damaging the clips that grip the edges of your phone, and once they break, that case is headed for trashcan heaven. My case was the only kind of case that the Verizon store I purchased my phone from carried. Since I got my phone a little over a year ago, I have already gone through 2 snap covers, and I take it off as little as possible. It isn’t exactly dirt-proof, so I occasionally have to remove the case to clean out the junk it picks up at the barn. Taking the case off on a regular basis, therefore, is impractical, and a serious pain in the mik’ta.

You can also get jeweled cases, and ultra thin metal ones. The irony is that even the thin metal sleeve wouldn’t fit in the Media Station’s cradle. I poped my case off to see just how much room there is, and I could just get my fingernail into the edge of the cradle. That’s all the room there was, not a micromillimeter more.

I once again get to comment on Motorola’s genius. Despite knowing what accessories are out there perfectly well, and designing, making, and selling the vast majority of them, they still manage to make another accessory completely incompatible with their own merchandise. I could understand if I had one of the diamond crusted cases that are thicker than the rest, and that didn’t fit. I would be annoyed but I wouldn’t be able to complain. My case, however, is the only one that Verizon would offer as a package with my phone, and it’s arguably the most common in style and thickness.

When I showed my Dad the problem, he told me that he had gotten the last Media Station at the store, and that they were discontinuing the accessories for the original Moto Droid. This could very well mean that when my Dad tries to return this useless thing, they will refuse to refund him. I’ll be stuck with something I wanted but I can’t practically use.

Thanks a lot, Motorola.

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