Karaoke Goes Kaboom

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A very long and busy Friday full of laughs and memories came to a close at the Creation Chicago Stargate Convention after just one more event. For some people it lasted just a little while, and for others it lasted, . . . well, you’ll have to ask someone who actually stayed.

I’m not a big fan of karaoke, but I can see why it’s fun. How often do you get the chance to grab a microphone and sing your heart out in front of strangers? Add to that the fun of getting introduced by Robert Picardo, our esteemed host for the night, and who could pass it up?

I have heard quite a bit about the karaoke parties that Creation has successfully held since they started having them a couple years ago, and how much fun they can be, especially when the guest stars decide to come down and join in the fun! Now Creation has begun billing the karaoke party as a free event that will definitely be attended by some guests. I was really looking forward to having my own karaoke experience, but it didn’t work out as I imagined.

At other conventions, the karaoke party has taken place in the hosting hotel’s bar or restaurant, making it easy for everyone to have food and drinks, and sit and mingle in an environment designed for entertaining small parties. Here in Chicago, Creation took what I feel was the easy way out. They held the party in the convention auditorium, a space designed for a huge number of people to view a staged performance. They did not even bring in tables and move the chairs out of their rows. The few people who came immediately went to their assigned seats, not knowing what else to do. It was awkward.

Many of the guest stars who appeared on stage that day came down for the party, including Christopher Heyerdahl, Dan Shea, and Andee Frizzell, but it was hard to tell if they were enjoying themselves much because they were constantly getting requests from fans for pictures. I was disappointed in my fellow fans. These wonderful people have come down to join us because they want to have fun, not participate in more photo ops then they have already had to deal with. Sure the temptation is hard to resist, I do understand that, but this was ridiculous. I refrained from taking many pictures at all during the party because it seemed inappropriate to me.

On top of this, Creation brought in huge speakers along with the karaoke machine. Let me just say how completely unnecessary that was. The sound had been very adequate throughout the day as it was. With more speakers, the volume was unbearable. You couldn’t think, let alone make conversation with other fans. Isn’t that part of the point? To hang out, meet new people, laugh, and sing together? The volume was so painful to me that I sadly couldn’t stand to stay longer than about a half an hour.

However, I did make a point of sticking around long enough to hear Robert and Linda Picardo sing “I Got You Babe”, and it was a treat! They started, and Robert had to stop because he was shocked at how slow the song actually is. Then they started again, and everyone got a shock when Robert started singing in a pretty believable imitation of Sonny’s voice! Linda didn’t really need to try; she already sounded a lot like Cher! It was really fun to watch and listen, and it was obvious that they were having just as much fun as we were!

  Sonny and Cher – I Got You Babe .mp3  
Found at bee mp3 search engine

I was very sad to leave so quickly, but my ears just couldn’t handle the volume. I really hope that next year Creation will not put it in the auditorium, but rather have it in the hotel restaurant and keep the volume down!

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