It's been in my head for a week… it's only fair!

TiaraLa June 14, 2010 Comments Off on It's been in my head for a week… it's only fair!

A week ago, on June 6, I had the absolute pleasure of attending w00tstock 2.2 : 3 hours (which actually turned into nearly 5) of Geeks and Music , at the Park West in Chicago. A more detailed review is in the works, but for now I have to share this with you, in the hopes that putting it into someone else’s head will somehow wrench it from mine.

Molly Lewis? Who the hell is she? Hmmm… the crowd seems to like her. Oh no… she has a ukelele. This is going nowhere good. Oh… wait… DAMN YOU MOLLY LEWIS!!

This pretty much sums up my thought processes as Molly Lewis, who gained internet fame as sweetafton23 on YouTube and @Molly23 on Twitter, took the stage at w00tstock. To be honest, she got off to a rocky start and I didn’t get it at first. The ukelele covers of pop songs just don’t do it for me, but her original songs were both hilarious, memorable, and, in the case of “An Open Letter to Stephen Fry”, ZOMG INFECTIOUS.

Now, understand that I too love Stephen Fry, both for his comedic genius (seriously, rent the British sketch series A Bit of Fry and Laurie if you have the chance, which also features a very young, handsome, and gloriously English Hugh Laurie), but also for his wonderful writing (his iPad article in Wired singlehandedly convinced me to renew my subscription by reminding me WHY I subscribe, and it wasn’t even particularly hilarious). It is through this love that I can empathize with Molly’s sentiment.

But seriously, this song has been in my head for a week. If my brain is idle, it’s singing the chorus. No, really, this song needs to go. So take it, please. I love it, but I don’t want it anymore.

Also, let’s get this conversation going. Who might YOU sing this song to?

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