CME Really Drops The Ball

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With the end of the game coming up fast on January 15th, Stargate Resistance players should not only be howling mad about the games failure, but also Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment’s  (“CME”)abandonment of the game, allowing serious problems to crop up with no one around to correct them.

In November, an announcement was made by CME revealing that their Licensing Agreement with MGM had expired and was not going to be renewed. Then they announced that Stargate fans who purchased the game would be allowed another 60 days to play before the servers would be shut down.

Since that day, all development on Resistance has ceased, as well as all work on the long anticipated Stargate Worlds MMORPG. This has upset a majority of the players who were looking forward to more maps, weapons, and play modes. Several of these upgrades were on the way and possibly close to being released. Once the Licensing Agreement expired, developers were not even allowed to release the last patches for players to enjoy in the last days. They could not even go in and finish fixing bugs from the previous patch, let alone fix new ones as they arose.

This in particular has left players with some headaches. As I am writing this, I am experiencing a very serious problem. I can’t join the battle. The log indicates that there is one player on the map, stuck in their spawn point because without an enemy player they can’t get out. They are playing as an SGC member, but the game will not allow me to join as a System Lord. I tried going to another map and I was able to get on, but then something really weird happened. I didn’t get the class prompt where I would be able to choose if I wanted to play as an Ashrak, a Jaffa, or a Goa’uld. Instead I was stuck as a spectator, able to fly around disembodied but unable to do anything else. I suspect that the SGC player in the previous map is similarly stuck. Pressing “P” will provide a way to exit a battle, but when I tried even that didn’t work!

As I continue to try and get around the problem, I just chatted with someone within the game who was also stuck in spectator mode, proving that my computer or my copy of the software was not at fault, and this was not an isolated incident.

This is not the only problem we’ve seen. The Whiteout map has developed an error that gives the Systems Lords unlimited stamina, allowing them to run constantly instead of having to pause while stamina recharges. Goa’uld players have had problems with getting their shield up. Occasionally we discover a turret or a healing dispenser that, no matter what you hit it with or how many times you try to destroy it, it seems unaffected. The accuracy of many of the weapons has somehow deteriorated. Sometimes you can shoot at someone, and when they move you can see that you hit the wall directly behind them, but the hit didn’t register, doing no damage to your opponent.

This is bad. It’s bad enough that the game is ending, but players are getting frustrated enough that they are already no longer participating. While it is MGM’s fault that the Licensing Agreement has not been renewed, despite the fact that MGM has emerged from bankruptcy with $500 Million to work with, surely CME should be doing more than making their developers sit on their hands.

With two weeks left and MGM now open for business once again, now is the time for Stargate fans and Resistance players to buckle down and write. We need to tell them politely but forcefully that we want Resistance to continue, and if they would put out some advertizing for the game, the population of players will grow.

Write NOW. Write Here:

Gary Barber
Roger Birnbaum
10250 Constellation Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90067

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