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Some SciFi/Fantasy conventions are out of my reach, financially speaking. It’s not always the registration price, it’s the flight, then the room, food, extra days off to get there, that keep me from attending more Cons.

Dragon*Con however is only a five hour drive from my house. It’s a great price for registration, plenty of places to hunker down in, even if like me, you never remember to attempt to book a room in the main complex for next year before you leave the current con! And anyone can find a cheap flight to Atlanta!

I think I’m spoiled by Dragon*Con – Held in Atlanta, Georgia on Labor Day Weekend. I’ve attended some smaller cons close by, but when you walk in – as in actually not bumping into thousands of other attendees – I sort of wonder where everyone is.

I’m not knocking small cons. They are very intimate, and you certainly meet and talk to more people. They have costume contests – the wearing of costumes is my number 1 reason for attending as far as I’m concerned! – and small cons have big gaming areas and interesting guests.

Besides my beloved Dragon*Con, this year I will attend, CoastCon, MOBICON, and MidSouthCon. This will be my third year for CoastCon and I’ll be a newbie for MOBICON and MidSouthCon! I’m really looking forward to these and what ever else I can dig up to attend this year, and I’ll be bringing back some video’s and information to share!

We SpaceGypsies encourage you to dig down deep, find that geek flag and fly it high. Make 2011 the year of the SciFi/Fantasy Con! Sign up, participate and enjoy. There are always Cons around that you can afford. And if not… you have to keep you feeling as if you are there.

Wiki has a list of Cons and also another one here but I fear there are some that I am missing! Let us know of your favorite Con! And what you most love about it.

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