Steampunk Fans! Abney Park Needs Your Help!

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Calling all Steampunk fans!!! Abney Park, one of the best Steampunk bands out there, needs your help!

Last night fans received this message from our beloved Captain Robert:

“Two years ago, we were putting the finishing touches on our album Aether Shanties, and our studio computer had a melt down. I came into the studio and found a blue screen of death waiting for me. Because of this crash we lost countless amazing recordings and performances, and I had to spend hundreds of dollars on bringing the guest musicians back to re-record their parts, etc. We basically had to rerecord the album again from scratch.

Since we are but poor wandering musicians, we basically patched that computer back together with some duck tape, and an old piece of chewing gum we found stuck to the bottom of one of Nathaniel’s boots.

It held together, sort of…until just before our latest album, The End of Days, was done. The computer started showing errors again, slowing down, rebooting took several attempts…and it finally crashes again! But this time, it crashed just AFTER I sent it to the mastering producer- after we were done.

So I’ve started writing the next album, and the computer is crashing AGAIN. All day, every day. So we’ve got to do something!”

This is where you, the fans come in! Abney Park is having a ONE WEEK sale to raise money for a new studio computer. What are they offering?

  • For every purchase made from January 10th until January 16th, Captain Robert will send you a coupon for one free album download!

  • Captain Robert and Kristina will autograph every CD sold this week at no additional charge! Autographed CDs usually sell for $30 or more from their site. It’s an amazing opportunity to get a full set of Abney Park autographed CDs!

What if you have all the Abney Park stuff you could ever want? Well my friend, you can still help out by making a donation HERE.

If you want to see Abney Park live check out their upcoming shows: Voyages Extraordinaires, February 12th in San Diego, California and  Wild West Con, March 4th to 6th in Tucson, Arizona! If you haven’t seen Abney Park live you don’t know what a fantastic show you’re missing!

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