Claudia Black: Love and Sax!

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The most amazing actress on the planet has a new project. Claudia Black is known for her science fiction roles as well as being a top notch voiceover artist for animated films and video games.

We all know her as Aeryn Sun from Farscape and Vala Mal Doran from Stargate SG1. But her list of work goes far beyond that. She’s done voiceover and played interesting roles in Rango, Unchartered 2, and Pitch Black, just to name a few.  

Now, Claudia, with her sultry voice and impressive talent as an actor, is voicing Parker C. Boyd, a musician in the 29th century in the sci-fi animated musical Strange Frame: Love and Sax.  Sound interesting?  Well, who wouldn’t want to see that!

This new project Strange Frame: Love and Sax has a wicked look and when you hear Claudia’s sensuous voice it certainly hooks you right in.

Check it out on their Facebook page and get on board for this it’s going to be awesome.  This SpaceGypsy is excited!

See Claudia’s video movie trailer here Strange Frame:  Love and Sax

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