Drag Race-S3- The Girl Who Mopped Xmas

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It’s back and it’s bigger and bolder than ever. That’s right, LogoTV took everything we loved about the first two seasons of Drag Race and, in their own words, supersized it! There’s even a $75,000 prize!

Meeting the new queens, supersized is right! This season there are queens of every shape, size and style and they’re all pretty fierce.

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 3 is home to some seriously fierce queens. Who will come out on top?

We start off meeting each of the queens to get a feeling of their drag personas. It’s always fun to watch them size each other up.  The cattiness is priceless especially when two queens show up dressed almost exactly alike! Watching the rest of the room freeze was priceless.

There’s a huge surprise that sends these cats snarling…the addition of a new queen…from season 2! She will be competing for a second time. Why? Who knows. But as the newbie to the drag world last year she has more experience under her belt this season.

“Honey I can see your nutcracker!”- RuPaul

RuPaul has declared it Christmas with all the glitz and glamor that goes along with it, including what can only be considered a photoshoot more awesome than anything America’s Next Top Model has done…EVER! What is it? Why a winter photoshoot ON A TRAMPOLINE! Having just jumped on a trampoline last week at White Rabite’s Xtreme Trampoline birthday party, I can’t imagine jumping AND posing at the same time. Every shot was great and the pit crew in fur-lined speedos weren’t so bad either!

One of my favorite things about Drag Race is that nothing is off limits. I love that we’re allowed to see the contestants both in and out of drag. We see everything, from the padding and shading to what goes into designing those fabulous wigs and costumes. Some of the contestants aren’t shy to say the least!

The challenge this week sees the contestants out and about in daytime drag. They’re taken to a thrift store and given $50 to create a fabulous holiday look. When they return to the workshop, which is now glitzed out for Christmas, it’s a mad dash to grab as much Christmas glitz and glitter as they can. Watching the contestants create is just like Project Runway but with a hell of a lot more glitter. What’s surprising is that some of the contestants don’t know how to sew. It doesn’t stop them though.

Mimi Imfurst is ready to take Drag Race by storm! How can you not just love her?

It also leads to the first Season 3 melt down. Mimi Imfurst, one of the non-sewers, melts like a snowman in July over her unworkable dress. As she cries, I admit, I cried a little bit too! Mariah came to the rescue and helped Mimi salvage her dress. It may be a competition but true queens always help out their drag sisters and Mariah proved that.

“It’s funny that the phrase is ‘lip sync for your life’ because you really feel like your life depends on it.”
– Shangela

RuPaul looked absolutely stellar on the main stage in a knockout black and gold dress. She’s joined by Bruce Valanch, Santino Rice, Michelle Visage, Mike Ruiz and Vanessa Williams to judge the queens’ holiday drag looks.

As I watched all of the queens walk the runway I had my favorites but every single one of them was beyond gorgeous! Some were more creative than others, especially in the presentation. There were several that stood out but the seven queens called out first, it was because they were too safe rather than standouts. Those that remain were critiqued by the judges who had good things and bad things to say about the holiday looks and their winter wonderland photos. What I love is that sometimes it turns out that the cattiest queens end up in the bottom two. I can’t say that I’m disappointed with the judges’ choice. The other competitor in the bottom two…well, lets just say that sometimes coming back a year later doesn’t help you.

The wigs came off (literally!) as they strutted their stuff to Vanessa Williams’ “The Right Stuff.” Honestly, it was a drag mess as one fought to perform while the other just seemed to take out her frustrations with what could almost be considered violence. In the end, the queen who behaved like a lady stayed.  I can’t say I’m disappointed. I wasn’t a fan of the queen who was eliminated. Being competitive isn’t about being mean to others. It’s about being a good sport and I’m glad RuPaul saw that there just wasn’t room for that behavior in this competition. Remember, as RuPaul always says, “If you don’t love yourself how the hell are you gonna love somebody else?”

Next Monday promises a theme that tugs at every SpaceGypsy heart…Queens in Space! Make sure you tune in next week for even more glitz, glitter and drama!

Did you miss tonight’s episode? Tune into LogoTV.com and catch up!

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