America’s Got Talent Interested In Dragon*Con Favorites!

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Atlanta Is Focus of AGT This Weekend

Extraordinary Contraptions Invited to Audition

AGT Scopes out Puckin’ Fuppet Show

Dateline: Atlanta, GA — America’s Got Talent (AGT) is getting ready for another exciting round of competition on NBC. This Saturday, January 29, 2011, the producers from AGT will be auditioning prospective acts at Atlanta’s famed America’s Mart as well as local performing venues.  Many talented acts will try out, along with a number of delusional performers with no self awareness. I will admit I normally watch for the ones without talent.  But not this year.

Yes,  Hasselhoff is gone, but the show will still have some interest for geeks.  The Atlanta fan-based community needs to keep an eye on two  AGT  events that are tied to fandoms because they involve Dragon*Con Acts:  The Extraordinary Contraptions and The Sci-Fi Janitors.  Okay, The Sci-Fi Janitors aren’t exactly included, but The Puckin’ Fuppet Show is like Bob and Carl’s cousin. So…close enough.

Extraordinary Contraptions Invited to Audition

The Steampunk band The Extraordinary Contraptions, a staple of the Alternate History Track at Dragon*Con as well as numerous Steampunk conventions and concerts around the nation, has been invited by AGT to audition Saturday morning.  Their audition is at 10:15 AM.  They were notified by the show’s production staff that they were identified as a unique act with talent.

The band is hoping that their fan base will set their alarms and limit their Friday night revelries to come out and support them.  The band will be in costume, so it will be interesting to see if many of their Steampunk friends show up in costume to support them.  Some fans are already planning on bringing banners and signs to show their support.

“We will be there at 9:00 AM and need our friends and fans to be there at the same time to cheer for us,” said Contraptions Bassist David Tyberg.  Tyberg speculated that they will be completed with the audition by 11:00 AM.

According to Ashley Leckwold, marketing consultant for the band, fans will be required to sign releases.  It is likely NBC will want to show all their loyal fans cheering wildly. The Contraptions will audition using a video, but don’t worry…they will have acoustic instruments, just in case.

You can see The Extraordinary Contraptions at AnachroCon in Atlanta, February 25-27.

Tickets are still available.

The Puckin’ Fuppet Show

The Basement Theater in Atlanta will be hosting Beau Brown’s The Puckin’ Fuppet Show, and also hosting scouts from America’s Got Talent.  Honestly, I already had tickets and I was already psyched.

Beau is known to many Dragon*Con fans as “Carl” from the convention-based puppet series Sci-Fi Janitors.  He is the artistic director for The Sci-Fi Janitors as well.  The Sci-Fi Janitors, Bob and Carl, debuted at Dragon*Con on DCTV.  Beau recently presented the launch of season 2 at ChattaCon and will be creating original content for AnachroCon.

Beau is a pioneer and an evangelist for the emerging “puppet slam” movement in the Atlanta area.  Puppet slams, modeled on poetry slams, are free form events of adult puppetry. Beau produces puppet slams at multiple venues, but the Puckin’ Fuppet show is one of the more popular events.  Will any of these unique puppet performers be invited before Piers and the gang?

Tickets are still available.

Find out More about AGT in The ATL

If you are the Atlanta Area and would like to support our home town hopefuls, please do!  Here are some links for you to learn more about these acts and AGT.

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