Wizard World Comic Con 2011

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I spent a delightful time at Wizard World Comic Con in New Orleans. The usual suspects where present, Steampunks, Stormtroppers, a few Boba Fetts, Gamers, Fan booths and guests.

Though this was a small Con it was well run, full of some very interesting people, and plenty of things to view and buy. Of course New Orleans is a great place to do anything! These smaller cons have the distinction of being less stressful and still entertaining.

I had a moment to chat one on one with Louis Gossett Jr. at his booth, though he wasn’t available for an interview. He was very personable and full of energy. And yes, that voice is quite distinctive.

Favorite things?

Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus..yes, that’s a Mardi Gras Marching Krewe and my most favorite thing to discover at Wizard World Comic Con! Find them www.razzamatazproductions.com or contact Ryan www.ryan-ballard.com Just so you know… I am going to be at and a part of Chewbacchus marching parade on March 6, 20ll (all scifi costumes appreciated). Hope ya’ all sign up and march with me!

Omgrey.wordpress.com – Author ‘Avalon Revisted’ – Steampunk Paranormal… well who could resist that. “Cultures clash and pressures rise in this sexy steamunk romance”. Find the book on Amazon.com and O.M. Grey can be seen as the Guest of Honor March 2011 at Wild Wild West Con.

Vo Nguyen – Comic Artist His art is detailed and even the black and white ones pop! Vo seemed excited about his work and I watched him draw for a short while. I was impressed by his talent. Check out his fantastic art – he didn’t have a site, but he did mention he is on Facebook!

Mike Grell, Legendary Green Arrow Artist Watching the line and the enthusiasm from the fans of all ages, races and sexes interact with him.



Next up? Coast Con, MidSouth Con, and Mobicon!

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