A Truely Epic Partnership

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Two of the biggest names in the science fiction television genre are teaming up! After meeting at Comic Con last summer, William Shanter and Amanda Tapping are starting an animated series titled  The Zenoids. The series is being described as “the story of a family of spacefaring Amphibinoid musicians who travel the galaxy performing their music act”.
Not only will Shatner and Tapping be co-exectutive producers on this series. They will also be playing husband and wife! They will give their voices to the characters of Kozmo and Zara as they travel with their two teenage children and their space dog, Orbit. 

The series will launch on Shatner’s social website, MyOuterSpace.com. It is also being said that Tapping has been offered a position as a “Starship Captain” on MyOuterSpace.com. She is now pictured as the Captain of the Starship Orion. What exactly this role entails is yet to be seen, but because it’s Amanda I have no doubt it’s going to be awesome!

As if this couldn’t get any more interesting, The Zenoids was actually created by the winner of MyOuterSpace.com’s  Toon Boom Animate Shatner Contest, Jeremy Appleman. A forum has been set up on the site for discussion and for submitting scripts! That’s right!! If your script gets chosen it will be animated and you will get to watch as Amanda Tapping and William Shanter act from YOUR SCRIPT!!! For more information and to get involved, go to the community page at MyOuterSpace.com right now!

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