TrekTrax Atlanta Boldly Goes…And Brings Tim Russ Along

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Space Gypsies is setting a course for Atlanta, and our speed? Warp Factor Fun!

Long time Star Trek enthusiast Eric Watts is bringing his own unique brand of conventioneering back to Atlanta. This President’s Day weekend, he premieres TrekTrax, a new Star Trek convention. For those in the Atlanta area who enjoy Star Trek, you are in for a treat.

Trek Trax Atlanta Opens This Friday: Spacy Gypies Will Be There!

As the effects of the recession continue on the economy, it is unsure how successful a new convention will be. There is a diversity of opinions on the health of the Star Trek fandom right now. Is it in fatigue? Did the movie revitalize it? True Star Trek fans will be coming from around the Southeast, but from informal discussion with the staff of TrekTrax, they are ready for amazing results.

This debut event is being held at the Holiday Inn Atlanta Perimeter, a hotel that is known for hosting younger and growing conventions. This is the same location as AnachroCon and TimeGate.  What do most of us look for in a convention? Guests? Panels? Events? Accommodations?  Parties? Don’t worry…all of these things are at TrekTrax.

UPDATE: This just in…There are rooms available! Book now!

(Check the TrekTrax site For Details)


Tim Russ, known to many from his role as Lieutenant Commander Tuvok on Star Trek: Voyager, will be among the Celebrity Guests. Real fans will remember that he also played Devor in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Starship Mine,” T’Kar in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode “Invasive Procedures,” and a USS Enterprise-B bridge officer in the feature film Star Trek: Generations.

Gwynyth Walsh and Barbara March will also be at TrekTrax.  They are fan favorites for their recurring roles as the Klingons B’Etor and Lursa from the House of Duras.

There are in total, over 45 guests announced so far!


Along with celebrity guests, there is a full programming schedule. Taking advantage of the three day weekend, programming on Sunday includes a full day of events, rather than an abridged schedule. Programming centers on the Main Programming Track, but there are distinct tracks with distinct names.  For instance, OMNITREK  features all things Trek, while the QO’NOS Track address all things Klingon. Completing the quartet of tracks is THE READY ROOM, a track dedicated to costuming and makeup.

You will have to go to the website to see all the events, but several Main Programming events stand out. You can gamble or game  Trek style at “The Evening at Quark’s.”  You can strut your costume at the “The Star Trek Universe Costume Contest,” or showcase your beauty at the world-renowned “2011 Miss Klingon Empire Beauty Pageant.”

IN the panel rooms, discussions range from the future of and the music of Star Trek to the absence of homosexual and Hispanic characters in Star Trek.  While that might be too heavy for some, more fun can be had at the “Kobayashi Maru Trivia Challenge,” the “Star Trek Authors Cavalcade,” or a writers work shop.  You can enjoy a “Klingon Wedding” or listen to tales of cons past at “Disasters in Costuming.”

The Rest of the Goodness

The dealer’s room looks impressively packed with a variety of vendors.  The entertainment and late night parties appear to be top notch. There are three bands and one solo act listed on the website. Look for a late night performance by Jennifer Teeter, who is preforming in the day at Connooga and then driving from Chattanooga to Atlanta for her 11:30 PM performance. While there is no official word on it, this is the type of con that should produce amazing room parties. (Stay tuned, true believers!)

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