Trek Trax Atlanta: First Year Convention Has Room To Grow

ChevronSe7en February 21, 2011 No Comments »

Trek Trax Atlanta brought the die-hard Trekkers from several states away and the local area, and those die hard fans were rewarded with a professionally organized and run convention.  Trek Trax featured a competent and friendly staff, a full color descriptive program, and  four tracks of programming.  Along with a fully stocked vending room, a clean and well-appointed hotel space, the convention offered easy access to the fan tables and guests.  The only thing missing was other fans.

The convention, in its first year, did not meet attendance expectations.  There was little foot traffic during the day, even on Saturday. When asked why there were so few attendees, the Star Trek fans at the convention goer, but it is appears to be a combination of the declining popularity of Star Trek fandom among younger fans, conflict with established nearby conventions (particularly Connooga), or possibly a lack of awareness of the convention.  Regardless of the reason, there is no doubt that there is plenty of room for this convention to grow.

While no official numbers have been released, it would be surprising to learn that they had over  200 attendees. If Trek Trax returns next year, it must be able to leverage the superior structure,  professional staff, but still answer it’s deficiencies and get people in the door.

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