True Blood: Speaking of UST…

TiaraLa June 21, 2010 Comments Off on True Blood: Speaking of UST…

The True Blood folks are loading us up with UST (unresolved sexual tension) this time around, and we’re only two episodes in!! Smoldering snippets have littered the first two episodes of the third season, including the impossibly sexy blood dream featuring a gloriously shirtless Bill & Sam (“I hear the water in Arkansas is very… hard…”)and, of course, plenty of delicious Sookie and Eric tension. (Spoilers in white; just highlight to read it!… trying to keep it exciting for all y’all)

Season Three has also introduced us to some new characters and is delving deeper into the rich histories of our favorites. The growth in others is simply brilliant. Lafayette continues to be fabulously deep, Terry just makes you fall in love with him every damn time he’s on-screen, and my love/hate relationship with the Beautifully Broken Tara continues.

Both new episodes have continued the tradition of leaving a brilliant cliffhanger that not only leaves you wondering what happened, but that opens doors to a thousand new possibilities for the remainder of the season. We’re only two episodes in, and it promises not to disappoint.

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