MomoCon Fashion Displays a Strong Steampunk Streak

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Though it was an Anime Festival, there was plenty of Steampunk representation at MomoCon, held March 12-14, 2011 on the Georgia Tech Campus. The FREE convention, in it’s seventh year, brought numbers that were enviable for any convention. As with all Anime Festivals, costuming is a big part of MomoCon, and a surprising amount of Steampunk costuming was on hand!

At MomoCon, Steampunk was covered in distinct panels called Steampunk, Steampunk Superheroes, and Steampunk Fashion. These panels were all full and the Steampunk Fashion panel was so full that this reporter was turned away at the door.

Click “More” to enjoy the photographs of Steampunk Costuming!

Outland Armor’s Steampunk Dr. Who, Tardis, and Dalek 


Steampunk Boba Fett Posses with Anime Fan Ben Gordon 



These Two Young Ladies attended the Steampunk Panel

AnachroCon Chairman William MacLeod

Local Atlanta Steampunk Enthusiast Aimee Lovee 



Homemade Steampunk Rocket Pack! 



National Steampunk luminaries Steampunk BobaFett, The Cyborg Seamstress, and Dr. Q concluding a panel.

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