CoastCon 34 Special Effects Oh My!

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CoastCon’s guests, Daniel Jouet and Jesse Shoemaker of Changeling FX Inc. held some truly interesting and insightful panels.

Not only did they demonstrate and explain products and procedures but they glittered up this SpaceGypsy and scarred up a few attendees! Watching the creation of a scar to a young woman’s arm by Daniel Jouet was fascinating.

Both Daniel and Jesse had their ‘kits’ (about five metal boxes each) open on the table for anyone to peruse.  Also, visiting their booth you could line up for some Zombie make up or whatever  Changeling you could imagine.

Monster’s displayed on the Changeling FX table and watching Jesse Shoemaker at work crafting some zombie was definitely a highlight of CoastCon 34.  I could have watched this magic all day long!

Truly gifted in their craft, Jesse Shoemaker and Daniel Jouet of  Changeling FX, Inc.

Here is a snippet of one of their panels.  Unfortunately the sound and lighting in this panel room lacked much.  I left the intercom announcement (advertising this panel very late as you can tell) in as the reaction was a hoot.

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