MidSouthCon 39 Memphis March 2011

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The 29th Mid South Con was held in Memphis, TN, March 2011 at the shiny (literally) Hilton. This small con has a flare for education along with the fun and charming characters we are all accustom to.

I was only able to spend a day there, but did manage to snag a few Convention goers and staffers for a short video.

Because I’m Steampunk crazy, I spent some time at the Apparition Abolisher fan table. They have that cool Steampunk gun I first saw at Dragon Con! Also, one of their members is a costume designer – Look Here.

I had a brief chat on the go with Les Johnson, reader of Science Fiction and author of the book: Science and Science Fiction. He’s a NASA physicist to boot! Check out his website!

Most intriguing?  The Lostgamers.    I have to say, had I not had another commitment, I would have joined them. Check out my MidSouth Con 29 video for more on Lostgamers! And other interesting Con participants.


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