Perry Con: It Was Officially a Blast!

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Galactic Perry’s Learning Starship premiered in Atlanta on April 9, at the wonderfully restored Plaza Theater, at the widely anticipated event, Perry Con. Galactic Perry’s Learning Starship was the work of the Brother’s Young: Matthew Young and Jared Young. The thing that amazed many is that the event was promoted with very little idea of what the content of Perry Con would be.

Perry Con featured two episodes of the show Galactic Perry’s Learning Starship, shorts by the Sci-Fi Janitors Bob and Carl, raffles, give-aways, and lots of balloons and toilet paper streaming through the air. One attended compared the two minute celebration “Two Minutes of Chaos” to Rocky Horror without a script. Over two hundred balloons and 48 rolls of toilet paper were indeed injured in the making of Perry Con. The episodes will soon be available on the web for enjoyment, and there is no need for review of content. Instead it would be better to get feedback and insight from the fans who were in attendance:

Mary is an insurance professional, Whitney Christine works in publishing, and Chris is a manager in the entertainment industry. They were chosen to be interviewed because they are known and discriminating lovers of the geek and comic arts.

What did you know about Galactic Perry before Perry Con?
Whitney Christine: It was patterned after a kids show, but written for adults. Somewhere between Avenue Q and Death to Smoochy.
Chris: I didn’t really know quite WHAT it was all about but I expected to have a lot of good laughs. I was kind of expecting something along the lines of Avenue Q which it was kind of similar in the hilarity department.
Mary: I had high expectations for something wild and funny. But, as far as the material, I really had no idea what I was in for!

How would you describe the atmosphere at Perry Con?
Mary: There was a large crowd of boisterous people! We saw a lot of local/internet celebs from the convention scene, (Steampunk Boba Fett, Bob and Carl, etc). One of the actors, the guy who played Wordlock, was walking around in costume and a homeless man was carrying a sign that said “Gary Hates You.” The crowd itself was a good time!
Chris: We arrived to see a lot of wound up and excited people much like myself, waiting to see what all the fuss was about! The atmosphere was electric and everyone seemed to know they were going to have a great time.
Whitney Christine: I found a lot of fun and excited people. We were all ready to have a good time, but not entirely certain what awaited us. I saw quite a few people that I know or at least recognize from cons and other Atlanta events—kind of like “con family.”

Was it as funny as you expected?
Chris: It was quite funny! Some parts I laughed more than others but it was still pretty hysterical over all. It was more of that kind of “crude” humor but that goes down my lane mostly so I enjoyed it thoroughly.
Whitney Christine: It was fraking hilarious. It went there without crossing the line. Like Chris said some parts were better than others but overall it was fantastic.
Mary: It was fantastic. You quickly get thrown into Perry’s world, meet the show regulars, and start giggling at lewd references. The material was actually better than I thought it would be!

So it was fun. Would you watch it if it were a TV show?
Mary: Watch it? Yes! I think it would be great as a late night show. If I’m not able to stay up that long it would definitely be a DVR staple to become my guilty pleasure over my lunch breaks! A little dirty humor to brighten my day 😉
Chris: I would definitely watch it. It would be very exciting to see this show make it on a network! I hope they succeed!
Whitney Christine: I am already a TV addict so this would fit right in to my schedule. I would make sure to watch this first run instead of just catching it on Hulu or Netflix whenever I was bored.

Would you recommend Galactic Perry to your friends?
Whitney Christine: I know a lot of college students who would love this. Older people who grew up watching Mister Rodgers or Captain Kangaroo (is that right? That sounds right….) would get the nostalgia. I feel it could become one of those water cooler shows that everyone talks about at the office next day and if you missed you feel like a loser.
Mary: I think this would appeal to a wide range of adult audiences. I started watching Adult Swim in college and can definitely see students enjoying the show. After that I think most adults will appereciate the throw back humor to educational children’s shows, especially those currently forced to watch these programs with their young children.
Who would like this? Probably a lot of Adult Swim fans and such.

Would you go to another Perry Con?
Whitney Christine: Absolutely! I bragged to all my friends on Facebook about how much fun we had and the raffle prize I won. If they held another one with different episodes I know I would bring at least 10 more people with me.
Mary: Yes! I had a great time at the show and would love to be a part of Perry Con, Take Two!
Chris: Absolutely!!! And I would bring more people with me to enjoy that which is Perry Con!

Overall, would you say you had fun? And if so how much?
Chris: Me and my girlfriend had a BLAST!!! It was even fun just waiting in line because of all the excitement. It was more than we expected and had such a good time throwing toilet paper and beach balls around. We even won a raffle prize!!!
Mary: The production as a whole was a blast! There was a great turn out, a wide variety of ages, and a high energy crowd. The balloon and the toilet paper fight set the stage for the show, getting everyone pumped up for the event!
Whitney Christine: How much fun did I have? I had a great time. They didn’t charge enough! I had $3 of fun before they even rolled the footage. The chaos of beach balls and toilet paper was enough for me. But it felt like it should have been longer. It seemed like it went by so fast.

There you go folks…two out of three folks called it blast. Those who did call it a blast said that it was a “great time.”

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