The Inebriated Lab

SpaceGypsy1 April 14, 2011 No Comments »

Con Attendees…ahhh yes…there is much to be said about all of us who attend SciFi/Fantasy, Anime, Steampunk, Comic conventions. We’re definitely a happy bunch, diverse in some ways though we all have our quirks, we love our conventions, and those special convention stars/guests — but equally as important are the other convention goers.

These guys, The Inebriated Lab, I discovered at CoastCon in March 2011. If you missed them there be sure to look them up at MobiCon May 20 – 22, this year in Mobile Alabama. They have a great attitude, friendly as can be and if they like you, they just might share some of their secret brew.

Here is a clip with a bit of insight into The Inebriated Lab

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