Stargate is Stalled Out

PlayItGrand April 21, 2011 4 Comments »

The Stargate franchise has been dealt yet another crippling blow, but for once it wasn’t the SyFy Channel’s fault. Not directly, at least.

At the annual Vancouver Creation Stargate Convention, executive producer Brad Wright took the stage to give fans an update on the state of the franchise. The news, as reported by, is far from what fans want to hear.

“We just recently found out that the SGU movie is not going to happen,” Wright told the audience.  “It took too long.  We just couldn’t get it together in time, and the window has closed.  It’s actually sad for me, because after 17 years, I’m cleaning out my desk tomorrow morning.”

The fact is that everything Stargate is currently at a standstill, and there’s no sign of movement. That means no SG-1 movie, no Atlantis movie, and no attempt at a wrap-up for SGU in any form. No anything.

So who’s the blame for this disaster? Well I for one don’t blame Brad and the production team. Stargate has been their life for far too long and I have every faith that they did everything humanly possible to keep it going.

SyFy certainly started this chain of events with the cancellation of SGU, but in the long run, that in itself didn’t have to cause this stall out.

The blame for this sits squarely on MGM’s shoulders. Several months ago they had the excuse that they were in bankruptcy. Not anymore. MGM is fully bailed out with funds ready and waiting to be invested in both new projects and existing franchises. So this Stargate fan is asking, “where’s the money?” Why isn’t MGM putting money into their second-strongest franchise, next to James Bond?

I’d give my two front teeth to know.

What I do know for sure is that this could be the last chance for fans to stand up and say, “No! We aren’t going to stand by and watch Stargate go the way of the Farscape webisodes and Firefly, waiting years on the hope that there will be more someday.” I’ve said it multiple times, but not enough fans believed me. If you believe anything, I beg you to believe me when I say that this is the time for all the fans to band together and make ourselves heard. We have got to make MGM understand that we want more from the Stargate franchise and we want it now.

Write MGM today. Write them again tomorrow. Blog. Tweet. E-mail. Comment. Scream.

Be heard.

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  1. RodgerNo Gravatar April 30, 2011 at 3:02 pm - Reply

    the straight to DVD market is a poor excuse, especially when they say people would rather use Itunes, they still pay for the movies,
    Why MGM/SyFy have decided to axe one of their most lucrative franchises is beyond me, it’s as though they do not want to make any money at all.
    and the Ratings excuse is poor as well, there are other shows out there that rate worse than Stargate Universe and they are not being axed,
    it just makes no sense, to kill a franchise like this when there is a clear and present fanbase that has been with them for 18 years, and is growing around the world, are they so blind that they forget about international sales of the franchise? are they so conceited to think that only the US market matters?, Syfy/SciFi themselves broadcast the show into 11 networks across the planet, then there is the syndication to other networks, If the plan for Syfy is more Wrestling/Reality shows, than they will loose a valuable viewer base, I am not calling for a boycott, I do not need to, they are turning viewers away themselves

  2. VillNo Gravatar April 29, 2011 at 10:31 pm - Reply

    My understanding regarding the SG1 / SGA movies was that the “straight to DVD” market simply wasn’t lucrative enough at that point to be worthwhile investing in – people are just not buying DVDs like they used to any more, with the advent of streaming video online, itunes, netflix etc etc… VIdeo stores as we’ve known them are slowly but surely disappearing…
    That said, I am convinced that the Stargate franchise on TV won’t go the way of Farscape or Firefly, simply by virtue of the fact that it has a larger fanbase and more years behind it overall (17 seasons of TV episodes between the 3 shows, 2 SG1 movies and the original movie from 1994) – although I do think this will be the end of it for a while. Given the overall reception of SGU over the last 2 years however, I’m don’t really consider that to necessarily be a bad thing all in all… give Stargate 4 or 5 years off, then dust the franchise off and see what can be done with it then…

  3. Billy WomackNo Gravatar April 29, 2011 at 10:30 pm - Reply

    I have been a Stargate Fan from day one. I watched SG1 when it was on Showtime. I was glad to see it move to SciFi. I watched it every Friday night. Did not miss an episode even when I had back surgery and was drugged up. I fought the drugs to see that Episode. I love the Friday night line up when it was SG1 and Battlestar. Then it even got better when Stargate Atlantis came on board. I was sad to see SG1 come to an end after 10 seasons but I had faith in Stargate Atlantis. Then after 5 seasons of that I was sad to see that come to an end. But then I heard the words utter Stargate Universe. Wow Stargate lives!! Now MGM has killed something that has been apart of my life for 17 Seasons. Why? Mismanagement? Failure from MGM to kill a Franchise that has the imagination of millions and you are going to crush that. Keep Stargate alive for the millions of fans. Stargate has the chance to make history to be the longest SciFi franchise ever and you are going to let that fall through the cracks. Shame on you. May all things go according to the wishes of those that hear it.

  4. LucasNo Gravatar April 29, 2011 at 10:17 pm - Reply

    Well, this sucks

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