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I’m going to warn you right now that this is an episode guide/review. There are spoilers behind this cut, so if you haven’t seen the last episode of The Gates then don’t click the “read more” button! You have been warned…

Let’s recap the pilot first. Okay, so we were going to recap the pilot for you but then we saw this great recap over at Knocking at the Gates that kicked some serious tushy so if you don’t know what happened during the pilot you can check out Marbles’ recap POKE HERE.

On to Episode 2! Remember, there are SPOILERS if you click “read more!” No complaining! I warned you!

As you recall from the pilot, or from reading Marbles’ recap, the body of the former police chief was found down by the river. Turns out someone shot the old chief in the back of the head. The race is on to catch the killer and it’s deputies Leigh (Janina Gavankar) and Marcus (Justin Miles) on the case…with Nick Monohan (Frank Grillo) of course.

We start off with two wolves running in the woods. They’re clearly chasing down a deer. We discover that the wolves are actually Lukas Ford (James Preston) and his father Simon (Louis Herthum). A clearly naked Simon berates his naked son for passing up a buck because he was paying more attention to beating his father than catching his prey; even though as he talks Lukas is sitting there munching on another deer. At least he caught something!

Enter Andie’s bedroom! No seriously, she’s what, 16 and we’re in her bedroom watching her get dressed? Is Chris Hansen from To Catch a Predator lurking nearby? Anyway, before donning her shirt, Andie checks her back in the mirror…like ya do, and sees what is clearly a big blue vein popping up under her skin. Creepy. Can you get varicose veins on your back? Her dad pops his head in and asks if she wants a ride to school. Covering herself up but clearly not phased that her dad just walked in on her getting dressed, Andie declines while her dad tries his best not to look at his daughter.

A grumpy morning Marcus needs some coffee. While in line he meets Teresa (Shannon Lucio) who is clearly hitting on him and offers to buy him coffee. Marcus, ever the gentleman, offers to buy her a muffin in exchange. Just wait Marcus, later in the episode she’s going to be stalking you at work for a date.

Giving the episode a generous amount of T&A, Claire Radcliff (Rhona Mitra) stalks her husband in bed which probably isn’t the best idea given the fact he’s a vampire. I suppose when you’re a vampire too it doesn’t matter though. He, of course, FREAKS OUT and flips her over, pinning her to the bed. Dylan Radcliff (Luke Mably) clearly gets attacked in bed frequently and has to be on guard. He asks if she enjoys seeing him like this (all vampire-like) as he nuzzles her neck and we assume, feels her up. At least he has the foresight to ask if their daughter is home, to which Claire replies that she’s at school…thank God. Walking in on your parents having wild vampire sex is probably pretty traumatic…especially for a kid who probably has no idea that her adopted parents are bloodsuckers.

We cut to the school hallways where we see hunky werewolf Brett Crezski (Colton Haynes) attempting to call Andie on his cell phone. Where’s a hall monitor when you need one? Fellow student and werewolf, Lukas, who we see at the beginning of the episode hunting a deer with his father, comes up from behind.  Why are all werewolves so damn hot? Seriously…is it just me?

Anyway, Lukas, playing the part of the snarky best friend, tells Brett that he thinks Andie is cheating on him (Brett) with Charlie Monohan (Travis Caldwell). He also reminds him that he almost went all wolf on Charlie’s ass the night before and would have if Lukas hadn’t stopped him. Quoi? Do boys really fail at manipulation this much? A girl werewolf would have done it better. Lukas would have been better off just telling Brett that he didn’t like Andie and he should dump her ass. Alas, instead we get him trying to be sneaky.

Andie apparently cuts class and goes to visit Peg (Victoria Gabrielle Platt), the town’s resident witch doctor. I kid you not. The woman is a witch and now, apparently, she’s also a doctor complete with x-rays! Dr. Peg tells Andie that the large tree-like vein on her back is a….dum dum dum….RASH! It’s not just any rash. It’s a rash caused by stress…more importantly a rash caused by boy-induced stress. Oh no! That’s the worst kind of stress! Dr. Peg advises that Andie cool it on the boys for a little bit, which, in my opinion, telling a teenage girl to cool it on the hormones is like denying a sugar-addict candy. It’s easier said than done.

Zip back to the police station where New Chief Nick wants Leigh and Marcus to run the prints found by the old Chief’s body. Nick asks about the former Chief’s personal life and we learn that no one really knows all that much about him because of the high turnover rate at the police department. Always a good sign. Marcus, apparently, even though he looks like he just got his learner’s permit, is the most senior officer on staff. The only person to last longer than Marcus was Chad Taylor, who Nick immediately wants to see.

Claire picks up her mail and discovers one of those great freebies that you sometimes get. It’s not a sampling of laundry soap though. It’s a creepy ribbon-tied box from Devon Day Spa advertising Vine of the Soul for $5. Ooooooo! She opens it, because of course it can’t contain anything bad, and discovers a bunch of sachets and a note that says “Got Cravings?” Well, yeah she’s got cravings. That’s what she was talking to Peg about during the fair when Devon so rudely interrupted. Way to state the obvious there Devon.

Nick goes to visit Chad Taylor (Devon Gummersall) to ask him some questions about the former chief. Nick tells Chad that he was fired for insubordination which Chad scoffs at. He tells Nick that he would write up reports and take calls but found out later that the chief made them “disappear.” He huffs about the chief’s $70,000 SUV, implying that the chief took bribes from the residents. Nick, of course, asks if Chad remembers any of these disappearing cases and Chad tells him one had to do with the MacCallisters and one had to do with the Radcliffs. Surprise. Surprise.

Against what would seem like better judgment, Claire goes to visit Devon (Chandra West) at her spa. Devon informs Claire that she’s currently helping Mrs. Cooper forget that she saw Claire pull the contractor’s truck into her garage and that she’s not sure how long it will last. Devon, of course, offers to make the memory go away permanently but to do that she’ll need a vial of Claire’s blood. Really? A whole vial for one spell? Does anyone else think Devon’s going to do something else with it? Claire doesn’t seem to thrilled about the exchange which makes us believe her blood could be more powerful than regular old human blood.

Once again Nick visits the Radcliff home and like a good host, Dylan lets him in. You would think that after undergoing Nick’s inane questions during the last episode, not to mention catching him sneaking around outside their house at night, that Mr. Radcliff would be that welcoming. He is. With a glass of wine in hand, Dylan sits down to listen to more of Nick’s questions.

Nick tells Dylan that the body of the former chief was found down by the river. Dylan asks him which river, a question that surprises Nick. Nick explains that he finds Dylan’s question unusual (of course in an accusatory manner) because people usually ask about the body not where it was found. He claims it makes them feel safe. Dylan, obviously more cleaver than Nick, tells Nick that he wanted to know which river since there are no rivers inside The Gates.  He takes a stab at Nick, reminding him that safety shouldn’t be a concern if he’s doing his job correctly. Touche.

Still pressing for more information in the most round-about way possible, Nick asks Dylan about his relationship with the former chief. Dylan is, of course, completely confused since Nick would rather hint at things than come out and ask the question. Finally, Nick brings up a routine traffic stop where Claire was discovered to be covered in blood. Dylan (who should be rolling his eyes at this point) tells Nick of his wife’s tendency to get nose bleeds, which would account for the blood and why the file was closed. Nick doesn’t seem convinced (big surprise there) and tells Dylan that his son used to get nosebleeds. One simple procedure will fix them. Clearly Nick has now gotten a medical degree along with being the new chief of police. News flash Nick, nosebleeds can be chronic and can’t always be fixed with one simple procedure! Dylan, clearly knowing this, just smiles and tells Nick that he’ll let his wife know.

Charlie sees Andie as she arrives to school late. She says she had a doctor’s appointment and the doctor prescribed less stress which means she can’t talk to him. She’s dating Brett after all, so even talking to Charlie is just too stressful. Charlie is rightfully confused but seems to chalk it up to girl’s being weird and moves on. Since Andie has to reduce the boy stress in her life it’s only fitting that she and Charlie are assigned to be co-counsel for Mock Trial! Who saw that coming? I didn’t! (Note the sarcasm).

Andie has a riding lesson after school and is walking to the barn when Brett comes up to her. He tells her that horses hate him and she scoffs. Clearly she has no idea that he’s secretly a werewolf. He tells her a bunch of flowery B.S. capped off with an “I love you” in an attempt to win her over again. He tells her that he’ll call her later and turns to go. As he’s walking away a horse that had been in the background for nearly the entire scene and behaving normally, suddenly rears up as if cued by its rider! “See, horses hate me,” Brett says. No Brett, horses generally will run the first time they see something they’re scare of, not stand there all docile and randomly rear when the thing they’re afraid of has been standing in front of them for five minutes. Just saying. Plus one bonus point for having horses in the episode. Minus three for poor scene composition.

Lukas and his father are attempting to bond again, this time with clothes on! Nick comes up (thank God they weren’t naked) and Lukas quickly makes himself scarce. Nick asks Mr. Ford about a vandalism case involving Lukas. Mr. Ford denies knowing anything about it, implying that had he known he would have beaten the snot out of Lukas. Mr. Ford reminds Nick that the officer who Nick said filed the report (Chad Taylor) was fired and hints that he could have falsified records. Nick presses further and asks if Mr. Ford knew the former chief which he says he did not. To get Nick to leave Mr. Ford tells him that he needs to finish butchering the deer before it spoils. Nick quickly leaves and Lukas returns. Mr. Ford slaps Lukas, now angry that he had to be reminded that he covers for his son. So much for bonding…

When Nick goes back to the station Leigh is shocked that they’re having a hard time finding any information on a police scandal. Really? She’s surprised? Does she know that the word “gullible” isn’t in the dictionary either? Anyway, Nick updates them on Dylan Radcliff covering for his wife, even though the story is 100% plausible, and Mr. Ford covering up for his son. Nick brings the only person he can think of in for help…Chad! Chad and Leigh sit down together and go over the call log to figure out the missing reports. Chad overhears Nick talking about the fingerprints found by the chief and how there’s no match. Offering too much information, Chad tells them to check the residents’ database. Apparently every resident is fingerprinted, which is clearly something no one else knew about. Surprise!

Claire comes into the kitchen in search of laundry soap, trying to make small talk about their daughter. Dylan quickly changes the subject and tells her about his conversation that afternoon with Nick. He clearly knew nothing of her bloody activities and is rightfully suspicious after he just finished getting rid of her last “indiscretion.” Claire tells him that she was on her way back from his office with blood that he had given her and it spilled in the car. She was pulled over and told the officer it was a bad nosebleed. She paid the former chief to get rid of the file.

The phone rings and Dylan is close to freaking out when Nick’s name comes up on the caller ID. Claire calmly picks up the phone and finds out that it’s Sarah Monohan (Marisol Nichols) on the other end, not Nick. She wants to meet for ice cream the following day after school Claire accepts and hangs up the phone. Dylan immediately jumps back in with the line of questioning, asking why Claire paid off the chief of police and Claire responds that the chief made the offer. She reminds him how he doesn’t trust her and the incident would have just made him doubt her further. Of course, finding out later that your wife paid off a cop is also pretty untrustworthy…so it’s a Catch 22.

Lukas pins down Charlie in the hall and demands to know why his father is asking all sorts of questions. Aside from the fact that it’s his dad’s job, Charlie doesn’t know what Lukas is talking about. Insults are traded and the two boys (men?) go at it. Brett pulls them apart as a teacher comes out of their classroom, looks at the two fighting boys and goes back in. What a great school!

Marcus is staring at a computer while it processes some fancy software that doesn’t really exist. His phone rings and it’s soon-to-be stalker Teresa on the other end. She tells him that she knows muffins cost more than coffee and that she feels bad. She wants to make it up to him later. Before we can find out whether or not that’s a suggestive “make it up to him” or not, the computer solves whatever it was doing and Marcus quickly hangs up the phone. Guess what? Simon Ford’s (Lukas’ dad) prints were all over the chief’s car!

Marcus and Nick go to Simon Ford’s house. Marcus tells Nick he has to be there since he didn’t log out. Nick takes a look around the house. (Ever hear of a warrant Nick?) Simon surprises Nick, who draws his gun. Someone is a little trigger happy! Nick asks him why he lied and Simon institutes his right to use circular logic as they argue semantics. Ford finally admits he was being extorted by the former chief for $10,000 to make his troublemaker son’s record go away. Simon tells Nick that he’s angry wtih his son and doesn’t care about the money or the chief.

Andie, clearly defying doctor’s orders, grabs Charlie in the hall after school and suggests that they do something less complicated…like horses.

As Sarah Monohan and Claire walk through town, we learn that Claire and Dylan moved there from New York. They approach their daughters sitting on a bench talking to the wicked witch…I mean Devon. Devon fakes nice and invites them all to her spa for pedicures and facials. Claire is less than amused by Sarah and the girls are all for it. Devon tries to convince Claire by veiling a threat to her daughter in the invite. What a nice woman.

Back at the station, Leigh is going through the former chief’s financial records. Apparently he’d spent a lot of money in recent months: $75,000 on a condo in Cabo, (Really? What kind of rat-trap was that for $75k?), $70,000 on the SUV and $20,000 on a boat. Not really surprised, Nick tells her to run the prints against the employee records. How he jumps to this conclusion I have no idea.

Andie’s father meets with Dr. Peg in her office. She tells Mr. Andie’s Dad that Andie has contracted succubus paramour (ie: his sweet baby girl is becoming a man-eating demon). There is apparently a treatment option but they need to tell Andie what’s going on…right now. Mr. Andie’s Dad isn’t happy with the news. Who would be? What’s worse, a boy-crazy daughter or a man-eating demon daughter?

Anyway, Mr. Andie’s Dad tells Peg that Andie’s mother was a succubus (at least it’s not contageous?) but Andie doesn’t know. Peg wants Mr. Andie’s Dad to tell Andie stories about her mother to comfort her before he springs this life-changing news on her. This puts dad in between a real rock and a hard place.

Speaking of potential man-eating demon teenagers, Charlie and Andie are taking a nice relaxing trail ride. I would like to note that apparently Andie doesn’t care all that much about Charlie since she put him on the “crazy” horse from earlier in the episode when Charlie clearly rides, as Bruce Campbell would say, “like a monkey humping a football.”  So you can imagine my surprise when out of nowhere the horse rears up and throws Charlie off!

I’d like to also point out at this point that neither rider is wearing a helmet, a horseback riding essential especially if you’re a newbie riding a psycho horse.  Anyhoo, Charlie falls off and Andie immediately jumps down to come to his aid. Both horses, including the one who just freaked out for no reason, stand there patiently and wait while they kiss. Being an overly hormonal, soon-to-be man-eating demon/teenage girl, Andie is freaked out by the kiss. She hops back on her horse and rides off into the sunset leaving poor Charlie there with psycho horse to fend for himself…yeeeaaaah.

Meanwhile, Marcus magically discovers ANOTHER set of prints on the former chief’s over-priced SUV! Ta da! They match Chad, the disgruntled former police officer fired by the former, now dead, chief for insubordination! Who saw that one coming? Anyone? Anyone?

Nick and a team of highly-trained police officers go to Chad’s apartment to ask Chad why his prints are all over the SUV if he hasn’t seen the chief in a year. While Chad fumbles for an answer, Leigh discovers a gun that matches in caliber to the weapon used to kill the former chief. Chad denies everything but seemingly having enough evidence, Nick arrests him anyway. As they leave Nick notices a box of Vine for the Soul tea from Devon’s Day Spa, which is curious since Chad was apparently banned from going inside The Gates.

There’s a brief scene at the Radcliff’s where Emily (Georgia Cole) shows her father what she made on her playdate with the Monohan’s daughter Dana (McKaley Miller). When she scoots off Dylan complains (again) that he can’t live this way any more. Apparently his uber hot wife just can’t seem to fit in…I sense this is going to be their on-going storyline. I just hope we learn why Dylan turned his wife into a vampire in the first place if he couldn’t trust her to blend in.

Cut to another short scene of Marcus and Teresa the coffee stalker sitting in an almost empty theather. We can hear instruments tuning up so we assume they’re there for something and not just having a date in an empty theather. He asks her why she chose him and she admits that she felt drawn to him, almost like they had something in common. Oh! Foreshadowing! I wonder what it is? Any guesses? I’m thinking they’re secretly related…or she’s really a zombie and wants to eat his mushy brains.

Nick goes into Devon’s Day Spa and looks around. He tells Devon he’s there to get some tea for his wife, then he looks at the price tag and his jaw almost falls off. Hey, witchcraft isn’t cheap! Devon tells him that all of her customers swear by the tea and that it’s worth the money. He says that it must be good if Chad uses it and he’s been out of work for a year, not to mention that he’s not allowed in The Gates. Nick wonders out loud how he could possibly have gotten the tea.

Nick clearly doesn’t own a computer or shop online. Devon looks like she’s either trying to hold by an eye-roll or a smack as she tells him that she also runs SpaDevon.com and ships…dum dum dum all over the world!

Ignoring his clear lack of common sense, Devon offers him a box of tea at no charge. Nick passes on it, saying that he’s not allowed to accept gifts. Devon, the sneaky witch that she is, tells him it’s for his wife so he’s not really accepting anything.

Roll to Andie sitting at her computer doing homework with her headphones on. Mr. Andie’s Dad comes to her door and stares at her…creepy.

Finally, back at Devon’s Day Spa, Nick has clearly gone home, probably after Devon showed him the wonders of online shopping. Claire comes in and locks the door behidn her. She rolls up her sleeve and holds out her arm so Devon can draw the vial of blood. Claire tells her that it all needs to end, the threats, Mrs. Cooper’s memory of the Contractor’s SUV, etc. if she gives Devon her blood. If stuff doesn’t end Claire tells Devon she will kill her. I’m pretty sure Claire will keep true to this promise since we now know she has a tiny history of “accidents.” Devon laughs it off and tells Claire that she knows all about her abilities and that she doesn’t doubt Claire will try and kill her. When she’s done drawing blood, Devon tells Claire to keep out of trouble.

So what will Devon do with Claire’s blood exactly? We all know it’s likely not entirely for the spell.

Will Andie’s dad tell her she’s going to become a man-eating demon that Dr. Peg can apparently treat?

Will Nick search any more houses without a warrant or probibal cause?

Will Marcus and the coffee stalker find out what draws them together?

Will Lukas and his father have more naked bonding time in the woods?

Tune in to ABC on Sunday at 10/9 Central to find out!

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