The end of the road for Eureka

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As I’m sure you, dear reader are aware, one of the most unique and quirky TV shows got the axe on August 8th from SyFy. This caused not only an uproar among fans, but also a lot of confusion because it directly contradicted and earlier statement that there would be an abbreviated 6th & final season of the show.

The reasoning apparently is the all mighty dollar. Amy Berg, Eureka’s producer, answered why the show was canceled in a series of tweets. While it’s been explained to me that “TV ratings vs. cost of production vs. profit” is what drives these decisions, I still can’t believe that SyFy considers Eureka a losing horse. With ratings consistently over 2 million over the last two seasons, the crossover success with Warehouse 13, and popular cast additions of Felica Day and Wil Wheaton, the show could very easily go on for at least one or two more seasons.

As you can expect, fans took up arms and started a “Save Eureka” campaign, which include a website, Facebook and twitition . Even Colin Ferguson, who portrays Sheriff Jack Carter (with wonderful comedic timing in my opinion), tweeted his thoughts on how to save the show.

The cast has reacted with grace and humility in regards to the cancellation. Ferguson tweeted:

“Thanks for the outpouring of affection everyone. YOU made the show. YOU made it special. YOU made it worth being part of. Thank you so much” and “It is only a good thing to get to make 80 episodes of TV. I want us all to remember and rejoice in that…. that’s all.”

The beautiful Erica Cerra also stated:

“Had some time to mourn.. Sniffle, sniffle.. I want to Thank all of the Eureka cast, writers, Crew and mostly Fans for all of your support. Almost 7 long years of Life Altering Experience for me. I will never forget this time or anyone of you! So Much Love and appreciation from the Bottom of my Heart!!! Xoxo Erica aka Jo (Josephina) Lupo…”

Similar tweets were sent out by Neil Grayston (who plays Fargo), Wil Wheaton (Dr. Parrish) and of course the Eureka writers, all expressing their heartfelt thanks to the fans for the support and their sadness that it’s coming to an end.

But I have to admit, SyFy did surprise me at the way they are handling the cancellation. Not only are they allowing the show to finish this current season and the Christmas episode, but they are giving them a bonus episode so the writers can end the show they way they want to. This will hopefully bring the closure to not only the show, but to the actors and the fans.

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