From Average to AWESOME- Wizard World’s Chicago Comic Con Part 2

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Wizard World’s Chicago Comic Con didn’t get off to the greatest start. However, there were some really great points and highlights that were made particularly fantastic because of our fellow fans and the guests themselves.



Sunday started off with a lot more promise than Saturday. Maybe we were still coming down off of the Bruce Campbell panel high, or maybe we were just well rested and willing enough to give things another shot. Sundays are usually the slowest day since they’re often the last day of the convention so the crowd was noticeably thinner.

The thinner crowd made navigation even easier and we were able to examine the vendor area more thoroughly. The last day of a convention is always the best day to buy things from dealers. Generally merchandise is marked down because the vendor doesn’t want to haul it all home. It makes for some great bargains! I picked up a Big Daddy (Rosie) action figure that I had been missing from a booth that had a good variety of action figures. My search for other figures on my list turned up empty, but that was not due to the vendors. I discovered later that the figures I was searching for had yet to be released!

I picked up my photo-op that morning from Froggy’s. Despite being yelled at by Froggy’s staff and rushed through my photo-op so fast I didn’t remember looking at the camera, my picture turned out cute. That’s two Froggy’s photos that I’ve purchased and both have turned out nice. Granted my experience this time wasn’t that great, but Jeff Lewis and Felicia Day were so gracious it made up for it.

Their graciousness extended well past the photo-op room. While in line waiting for their autographs I learned that the stars weren’t charging people who purchased the photo-ops! I’ve RARELY seen this happen before and the gesture was really rather touching.  Meeting Jeff Lewis in person made him one of my new favorite people. He was so warm and friendly. We had a nice little chat about the history of gypsies and he told us about a gypsy wagon he saw in the dealer hall. Felicia Day was equally as sweet. It’s always wonderful to meet stars who truly connect with their fans.

Rumor was buzzing around the convention floor that Bruce Campbell would be signing autographs for non-VIP ticket holders. After confirming the rumor was true, we got in line. Stacey, our friend who had a VIP pass, chose to buy another autograph and it was nice to have someone to wait in line with. There were a few close calls when it looked like they were counting off the number of people in line and we were afraid we wouldn’t make the cap. Luckily we did, and two hours later (it was a long line and we got in it an hour early), we were meeting Bruce Campbell. He was very gracious and looked very dapper in a 3-piece suit. We were, admittedly, swooning a little.  Once again, Bruce Campbell capped off our day perfectly.

Wizard World’s Chicago Comic Con may have been very unorganized when it came to panels and traffic control, but overall it was a good convention. The panels themselves were great, if you had the patience to navigate the hoards outside. I would say that more panels would have been nice, but limited space and the lack of experienced crowd control volunteers is enough to make me retract that statement. The dealer room was grand, as was the Artists Alley. They had a very impressive and varied selection of guests to see that you had plenty to do.

If you’re looking for a convention with a lot of variety, Wizard World is the convention for you!





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