The Artifice Club Presents: Second Annual Mechanical Masquerade!

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Ladies and gentlemen, please allow the Artifice Club to introduce Lord Montague Jacques Fromage – one of the distinguished hosts of the Second Annual Mechanical Masquerade.  Take note: The actions of Lord Montague redefine our annual event, and possibly reality as we know it, so we invited Lord Montague to set the mood and the presentation of finery that will be at this Happening. Listen as the good Lord reveals some of fantastic activities planned for your amusement and wonder.  Favor yourselves with the pleasure of following our good host’s words closely, for there are sure to be more where these come from.

Now, we proudly present — Lord Montague Jacuqes Fromage:

“Medames et Messieurs, Lords and Ladies, I take great pleasure in introducing myself to you all in the fine city named for lost treasures and trinkets, Atlanta. I am Lord Montague Jacques Fromage: a privateer and requisitions artiste sanctioned by none other than Her Imperial Majesty, Queen Victoria. To her highness’ credit, I specialize mostly in matters of reclamation of Her bountiful booty to sell and rebuild her empire here, in what you know as these United States.   As a privateer known for his honesty, I must come clean with the fact that in this search for artifacts and people of note, I must take full responsibility for ripping the very fabric of space and time – causing a most peculiar localized shift in existential reality.

This rift, I fear, may have upset some of the natives within, but enough about that! In the interest of entertainment for profit, I must relay to you the first of many announcements for an up and coming exhibition of oddities sponsored and produced by none other than mon amis at The Artifice Club!  Those that brought you some of the finest parties to attract those of the most exquisite taste, I mean none other than the Annual Mechanical Masquerade.  How fitting and appropriate the timing on this, the first anniversary of The Artifice Club’s annual event.  It shall be a fitting party to trumpet in the arrival of my Occult Bazaar of the Bizarre. 

Now, that you know a bit about me, and what this event is, I want to tell you about the fantastic storyteller’s competition.  I encourage you all to enlist!  I have even ensured that our Judge of this fair competition is none other than Miss Chambers herself, co-author of the Steampunk Bible and notable expert in her field of all things anachronistic. Your stories must be compelling, chilling, terrifying, inspiring, but most of all, memorable.  The very existence of mankind may hang in the balance but… no pressure!  Most wondrous of all is of course the prizes we shall award you for being the best.  If your story is good enough, you may live to actually enjoy these fabulous prizes, for they are as follows:

First prize are signed copies of these books, signed by Jeff Vandermeer and S.J. Chambers:

TheThackeryT. LambsheadCabinetofCuriosities


– A $25 gift certificate to Octane Coffee

…and of course bragging rights.


Runner up gets signed copies of books written by our sponsor Emilie P. Bush of

ChendaandtheAirshipBrofman and its sequel,

– The GospelAccordingtoVerdu,

– A $25 gift certificate to Octane Coffee

Not as many bragging rights but still literarily respectable in most circles.

So please mark your calendars and plan to attend the grand Masquerade!”

The Second Annual Mechanical Masquerade will take place November 12, 2011 at Blue Mark Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. For more information please visit The Artifice Club.



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