Guide to Con Etiquette (with tips on getting through it)

SpaceGypsy1 August 4, 2010 2 Comments »

Let's start with number one…er…why not?

Number One: Shower Daily!   Yep, that's right, it has to be said!
  For those who forgot how please follow this simple yet time proven method:

Remove clothes

Turn on shower to very warm water

Step in … do not be afraid!

Unwrap soap provided or open tiny bottle of body wash provided

Suds up on a wash cloth (also provided)


Rinse off

Get out

Dry off – Towel is also provided (don't forget to get dressed)

The rest follow number one…

Don't be afraid to let your geek flag fly!!!! Dragon Con is filled with people just like you and about forty thousand who are not at all like you.  All will be geeking out… not a soul on this planet and several other planets will make fun of you…Everyone… every one … is there to geek out!  You're gonna love it!

If you are doing one photo op or another photo op- take a chill pill, remember hundreds are waiting and for the sake of all living entities in the universe…keep your hands above waist level!

Asking Panel Questions – be prepared!   Practice in the mirror.  Avoid rambling and NO ONE wants to hear your story… Ask the dang question people.

Be kind, considerate and open minded like:

Don't stop in the middle of the heavy traffic areas… move aside so you are not blocking about forty people, and have to fear for you life…some of them are Klingons!

When at a panel please remember that there are others also waiting to ask their very important question… so no multi part questions… give the extra ones over to friends and push them up to the line… one question please.  I know it's going to hurt a bit, but you can do it!

Don't hold a spot in line for more than two people and let the ones behind you know you are holding that spot !!!!

Photo's of Con participants are fun and cool… but ask first…some of those creatures actually snack on humans.

Er…could you PLEASE put your cell phone on vibrate…you can put it in your lap if you want to, but the rest of us came for the panel!


Show up early to everything! There are always lines.   Eat often, stash powerbars, go early or late for real meals.

Stay hydrated!  Bring bottled water…the lines for buying are very long- you will need a bottle while in line to buy a bottle.

Check the information boards daily for changes to schedules, events and panels…It happens and you need to know!

Bring friends to sit in lines for you and hold your place -worth paying their admission!

Talk to people, especially the ones that keep showing up in the same lines you do.

Bring costumes and join in.  Remember:   Don't be afraid to let your geek flag fly!!!!

Bring extra cards for pics, or film, or batteries etc. You're gonna need it.

Get Photo Ops Set up… you will be sooo sorry if you don't!   Look Here and Here also

And check the DragonCon FAQs here – or the DragonCon FirstTimers here-

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  1. Françoise Macke (Fran)No Gravatar March 8, 2011 at 11:44 am -

    I like this article!! 🙂

  2. TiaraLaNo Gravatar August 10, 2010 at 10:24 pm -

    The 3-2-1 Rule of Conventions:

    Three hours of sleep
    Two meals
    One shower

    each and every day. 😛