Now I know why it's called March Madness

SpaceGypsy1 July 20, 2010 Comments Off on Now I know why it's called March Madness

March 2011 promises to be pretty darn awesome!First, there’s the new release date of March 2011, for the movie Red Riding Hood with SG-1’s Michael Shanks playing the father of character Henri Lazar.

The movie, more details here at Michael Shanks online, is touted as a gothic Grimm’s fairytale version of Red Riding Hood – think Werewolf in stead of Wolf.

As most of us know, Michael Shanks is a very talented actor and we are delighted at the prospect of seeing him on the big screen as the blacksmith, Adrien Lazar…er…blacksmith!? Does that mean bare biceps? Sweaty forearms? Shiney!

Secondly, Rango, more details here, with SG-1’s and Farscape’s Claudia Black voicing the character Angelique, is slated to be released March 2011 – Wow, Double whammy! I miss Claudia Black and her phenomenal presence on any screen.

And third? Well, folks that’s Mardi Gras! I’ll be in New Orleans for that party…

I’ll be the one dressed as a SpaceGypsy!

And dare we hope that BigFinish will release one or more of their Daniel and/or Vala audio dramas in March 2011?

Is it March 2011 yet?   March Madness…I’ve got the fever already.

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