Abney Park- New Album Coming Soon!

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Attention all Steampunk fans. Dock your airships and put on your headphones! Abney Park has a new album coming soon and you don’t want to miss it!

That’s right, on October 15th the enigmatic and prolifically talented crew of the Ophelia will premiere “Off the Grid.” The album is already being called a “huge artistic breakthrough” for the band and features 13 never before released recordings including:

1. The Ballad of Ranch Hand Robbie
2. Bad Things Coming
3. Evil Man
4. The Apocalypse
5. Neither One Lets Go
6. Off the Grid
7. Stigmata Martyr
8. The Wrong Side
9. To the Apocalypse in Daddies Side Car
10. Space Cowboy
11. Aether Shanties
12. I’ve Been Wrong Before
13. My Life

Many of these tracks may sound familiar, but be assured, these are special! Why? According to Captain Robert,

Other then the machine used to make the recordings, everything on this album is completely unplugged. But far from being a handicap, this has triggered an explosion of creativity in Abney Park that has never before been rivaled. The result is an album that I am more proud of than anything to date!

“Off the Grid” goes on sale October 15th at noon Pacific time. The first 200 CDs will be numbered and autographed so you’ll want to make sure to be at your computer and ready to purchase.  And while you’re there, make sure to pick up a copy of the Abney Park RPG! It’s rumored to be great fun!


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