Stargate SG-1 Big Finish Audio Books Update

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I, being a HUGE Stargate SG-1 fan,  have waited patiently…okay…impatiently for the new Big Finish Audio books featuring Michael Shanks as Daniel Jackson and Claudia Black as Vala Mal Doran.

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And I found out today that I don’t have much longer to wait.    Paul Spragg, the Big Finish SG-1 Producer has confirmed that the six audio books will be released next year.  These will be in two trilogies.

That’s the best news I’ve had in a very long time!  The current titles are:  Half-Life, An Eye for an Eye, Infiltration, Excision and Duplicity.   The sixth title may still change.

From Paul Spragg, Big Finish: 

“I don’t really want to give any hints about plots just yet, only that the first trilogy features Ba’al and all he brings with him, and the second trilogy is about the Asgard.  And hopefully we’ll be putting out some pre-orders soon.At the moment they’re at the sound and music stage, but we have one more day of recording with Michael Shanks left to do and then all the audio will be in the can.  It’s just post-production work to go, and then approvals.”

Visit the Big Finish Site and keep an eye out for the Pre-Orders! Also available now:  Shell Game with Claudia Black and Michael Shanks!! You can buy it now, or download it!



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