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Once again I'll go through the formality of saying that this is an episode guide/review. If you haven't seen this episode and you don't want to spoil it for yourself than don't click on the link below. There are spoilers. You have been warned…

If you haven't seen this week's episode you can check it out HERE at!

Oh what a tangled web we weave! As the show gets going the plots get thicker! Those you thought were normal really aren't, and the whole world goes topsy turvy! Once again we're swept into the idyllic world of The Gates where we're reminded that appearances can be deceiving…very deceiving.

(Note, some scenes may be out of order.)

Someone has hacked into the central security computer of The Gates and has set off a burglar alarm at the McCalister's house. It turns out to be a false alarm but also a warning of things to come!

Marcus and the Coffee Shop Stalker (Teresa) are doing well until Coffee Shop Stalker's roommate kicks her out. Ever the bleeding heart, Marcus offers to let her stay with him temporarily…right, because these things are always temporary.

Andie and Brett are having relationship difficulties…again. Andie is confused because Brett said those three magical words and she isn't able to return the sentiment and it may be because of Charlie. Her friend expertly tells her to sort her feelings for Brett first and everything with Charlie will just fall into place.

However, Lukas opens his big mouth and tells Brett that Andie was seen kissing Charlie near the stables the other day. Brett, of course, knows nothing about this. Angry and with werewolf eyes in full force, Brett tries to go and talk to Andie only to be stopped by Lukas. Lukas asks him to go run with them (the other werewolves) that afternoon and Brett reluctantly agrees.

Claire makes some yummy looking cupcakes for the Gates Academy bake sale with, of course, red frosting though I think that may be their school colors. Her husband Dylan comes into the kitchen frustrated that the local fancy restaurant is booked and he can't get his venture capitalist guests in for dinner. Claire volunteers to make dinner, telling him that she welcomes the project. We already know from the pilot that the woman can bake like no other, but can she cook too? Either way I now want cupcakes.

We go to the school and see Sarah Monohan arrive at the bakesale with some delicious looking fudge in tow. She introduces herself to Karen Crezski (Andrea Powell) and asks how she can help. Karen has the whole thing under control and directs Sarah on what to do in a very Martha Stewart sort of way. That mom has bake sales down to a science!

While loading groceries in her car, Claire runs into Christian Harper (Paul Blackthorne) who we're not really sure if he's an old friend or an old flame, but we know he's a fellow vampire. I'm kind of hoping he's an old flame. He is delicious!  Claire tells him that she and Dylan have been living in The Gates for several years and Christian remarks how unlike her that seems. Claire tells him that “people change.” To which Christian replies, “people do. We don't.” Anyway, he gives her his card and says he wants to catch up some time.

After four fallen soufflés Claire goes into their wine room for a drink. She opens the fridge to reveal stacks of blood packs. Clearly they are unappealing even to a vampire and she arranges to have dinner with Christian.  They have a drink and talk. We learn that he and Claire have known each other at least since 1961, making her a vampire for at least that long. She looks good for her age!

Claire tells him how her and Dylan have agreed to give up feeding entirely even though the only rule for The Gates is that they aren't allowed to feed inside. She tells him that life is about compromises and she's happy.

In the next scene Claire must get up and go to the bathroom because when she returns she finds Christian feeding off of a woman in an alley. He invites her to join him. It's a cruel invitation since Claire is trying her hardest to remain sober. It's like offering an alcoholic their favorite drink. She accepts and they have the equivalent of a vampire threesome.

Later that night different house alarms are going off and when Nick and the team (Marcus and Leigh) go to check them out they're all false alarms. Poo. However, the ingenious hacker has been robbing twenty-three other homes while the police were distracted! All of the occupants were away at the football game. Nick orders the Gates into lockdown mode. No one comes in and no one goes out without what appears to be a very thorough search.

The lockdown screws up Brett's plans. He and Lukas' werewolf gang can't get back in! They go to the delivery door they went out of and their key cards don't work. The gang panics (slightly) but Brett has a plan. As Lord Monkeypants pointed out to me earlier, why didn't the werewolf kids just jump the fence instead of using a lame door and I bet him that they jumped over the wall to get back in because we knew from the previews they were locked out.

I must be brilliant! Brett jumps the wall easily…then opens the door on the other side to let the others in. Maybe the special effect budget is low this week. Still, it was a pretty sweet jump. Brett arranges to have frozen yogurt with Andie the next day so they can “talk.”

Back at the station, Marcus tells Leigh that the Wilkenson house has been broken into. He tells her to get over there, clearly knowing something we don’t. When she gets there she discovers that something very important is missing.

Dylan gives Claire the third degree about where she was last night. He tried to call her but her phone was off. Unfazed, Claire tells him that her phone was dead because he never returned the car charger and she couldn’t get into The Gates because of the lockdown. She shows him her dead cell phone to prove it then pulls a perfect soufflé out of the oven.

They’re interviewing suspects at the station including the history teacher Mr. Abernathy. The Coffee Stalker arrives to see Marcus and Leigh finds out they’ve moved in together. She’s not very happy, thinking Marcus is an idiot for letting someone he just met move in with him. She’s probably right, but Marcus is in love. What can she do? Apparently Coffee Stalker was seen leaving The Gates with a car full of stuff, which we find out was Marcus’ that he told her to donate. Leigh is still suspicious. She totally has the hots for Marcus.

Peg comes to see Leigh and give her something to help with pain. Whatever was taken from the Wilkenson’s is important and Leigh is clearly bound to it in some way. Peg asks how long she’s been separated from it and Leigh tells her 12 hours. Peg reminds her that she can’t stay separated from it for long.

Lord Monkeypants’ theory is that Leigh is really a lich, which explains her being bound to whatever is in the box. I have to agree on this theory, but don’t tell him that.

Security camera footage shows Brett jumping the fence. They bring him in for questioning and he misses his meeting with Andie.

Stood up at the yogurt shop, Andie sees Charlie and tells him Brett was supposed to meet her there. He offers to keep her company while she waits. She apologizes for kissing him the other day and says that she needs time to figure things out. Typical teenage girl.

Brett and his mom are talking to Chief Monohan. His mom thinks he was at the football game last night and she’s surprised to find out that he wasn’t. He tells the Chief he was riding bikes with Lukas and a few other people. He says that the history teacher Mr. Abernathy saw them and can verify that’s where they were.

His mom really isn’t happy with them as they get in the car. She demands to know if Brett went running with Lukas. She grounds him for a month. She’s clearly upset by the thought of him going running and tells him that she doesn’t want him to end up like his father and Jeremy, who we can assume is Brett’s brother.

Dinner at the Radcliff’s is going well. Claire’s meal is a success. She excuses herself to get some wine and Dylan joins her. He apologizes for doubting her. Whatever she’s doing is working and he feels like he’s got the old Claire back, whatever that means. She asks if that’s a good thing and he says of course it is. Way to inadvertently give the addict permission to use Dylan! No more cupcakes for you!

Marcus confronts Leigh, who did a background check on the Coffee Stalker. He tells her to back off and that it’s none of her business. She tells him that Coffee Stalker is unemployed, has never had a traffic ticket and pays all of her credit cards on time. In the viewer’s mind this actually makes her a good suspect in the robberies. How can she pay for her credit cards if she’s unemployed?

Marcus accuses Leigh of being jealous and she denies it. Nick enters to say that Brett’s alibi checks out. Abernathy saw them. Leigh says that’s weird since they don’t ride by the school but by the delivery gate on the other side of town. Hello! Red Flag!!!

Sarah and Karen are discussing the bake sale and Karen accuses Sarah of knowing why Brett was at the police station. Sarah, of course, has no idea why he was there. Karen tells her that Brett has been lying to her and that it’s all her fault. She’s never been to one of his games. Yes, missing a football game will result in a child that lies. Parents take note!  Karen knows he misses his father and brother and tells Sarah they were killed in a hunting accident. Sarah offers her words of support. Maybe these two can be BFFs after all.

Nick figures out that Abernathy was using a courier service to move the loot out of The Gates. They go to his apartment and arrest him.

Brett and Andie finally meet for yogurt. Andie breaks up with him saying she can’t tell him that she loves him. Brett says that all of this has to do with Charlie and Andie admits to kissing him. She tells Brett that she cares about him but she doesn’t love him. Ouch.

So how does a history teacher break into a computer grid? He’s also a computer science teacher! The computer science position was filled when he was hired so he was turned into a history teacher. It took him six months to hack into the system and, of course, he did it all for a girl. Wow.

Leigh tells Marcus to go home to the Coffee Stalker and that she was wrong about her. Marcus seems surprised but takes her up on the offer and leaves. Leigh picks up a black box with green gems and gold filigree on it. She opens it, seems content that whatever was supposed to be inside is there, and puts it in her bag. This is apparently the object from the Wilkenson house that she’s tied to.

Andie goes to Charlie’s house and tells him that she broke up with Brett. Charlie tries not to do a happy dance as she tells him she has feelings for him. Seriously, he was really holding back that happy dance. They agree to see what happens between them then…succubus kiss! (I’m guessing Andie still doesn’t know what she is).

Brett goes to the skate park and tells Lukas he broke up with Andie (typical boy). Lukas says it’s about time and asks if he’s ready to run. Brett says he is and runs off with Lukas and his gang o’ werewolves.

Leigh is waiting for Abernathy when he comes home to his apartment. He says that he was released on bail. How can a history teacher who just robbed twenty-three houses afford bail? Ah the mysteries of TV!

She tells him that he took something of hers and he saw something he shouldn’t have seen. Ever the sleeze, Abernathy promises to take all of the secrets to his grave if they drop the charges. Leigh apologizes and says she needs to make sure of that…she shoots him.

While Dylan sleeps, Claire sits up in bed. She gets a text from Christian asking if he’ll see her again. After contemplating it for a few moments she texts back “yes.”

The episode closes with Leigh putting the box back on its shelf next to a picture of her with a man. They’re both smiling. Clues as to what’s in that box? We think so!

What will happen next week?

What’s in Leigh’s box?

When will Andie’s succubus symptoms kick in?

Will Claire get caught with Christian or will she make more cupcakes? (We’re hoping for cupcakes).

Tune in next week to find out!

Now go get yourself a cupcake.

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  1. TiaraLaNo Gravatar July 14, 2010 at 12:51 am -

    Why why why is Paul Blackthorne so very dreamy? I could listen to that man talk all day, and that scene outside the club was super hot. I need more Paul Blackthorne in my life. I loved his character on Leverage and yes, I still love the Dresden Files TV series. His voice makes me happppppppeeeeeee…

    • GreenEggsNSammNo Gravatar July 15, 2010 at 10:22 am -

      I’m so glad we’ll get to see more of him. He’s VERY dreamy and even dreamier as a vampire!