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Episode 9 Chimera:


This season of Sanctuary is still going strong. “Chimera” was primarily a stand alone episode, but unlike “Homecoming” it actually had some bite. This episode has Magnus and Tesla trying to quarantine a sentient, organic, Praxian nanite. Last season during the episode “Hollow Men,” Tesla hooked Adam Worth up to the Sanctuary computer systems using the Praxian spiderbot. The intention was to get the coordinates for Hollow Earth so Druitt could successfully teleport, but the spiderbot left some goodies behind and so did Adam Worth…

This was an excellent episode. As always, character interaction between Magnus and Tesla was wonderful. Amanda Tapping and Johnathon Young never fail to deliver. The banter between Henry and Tesla was also hysterical. I simply love it when those two get a room together and just have at each other.

Adam Worth returns this episode, and is as creepy as ever. In fact, I believe this is the creepiest I’ve seen him. Ian Tracey blew me away with his performance; he actually gave me the heebbie jeebies! Robin Dunne also sent a chill up my spine after the mind swap took place. The scary factor was only enhanced by the music. There was a selection of music played in last season’s episode “For King and Country” that they used again in “Chimera,” but the tune was warped with notes being out of order and some of the notes digitally synthesized- adding to the idea that this was a ‘virtual’ Sanctuary and that something wasn’t quite right. The reworking of that piece of music alone added to the tone of the episode.

Magnus and Tesla centric episodes occasionally have a tendency to be one sided, with either Mangus doing all the work, or Tesla. In fact most of the time, it is Tesla yanking Magnus around. This episode, the writers flip it around, with Magnus taking charge.  From what I’ve seen, Tesla likes to take control of a situation and not reveal any weakness, but in this episode, we actually see him panic, something that doesn’t happen too often. Up until Worth starts messing with Magnus’ head, he’s fairly calm, but when Worth starts digging through Magnus’ memories, pulling up painful ones of Ashley, the calm exterior goes away. Now, this could have been out of concern for Magnus, or perhaps he was afraid of Worth going through his memories. Regardless of the reason, seeing Tesla less in control, more cautious, and far more pessimistic than usual was an interesting change.

Mentioning Ashley brings me to another point. In “Resistance,” Magnus and Henry sneaking into the SCIU facility was reminiscent of Ashley and Henry infiltrating the Cabal base; Bigfoot even compared it to the Cabal. I thought this was coincidence, but now I’m not so sure.  This season, the writers are referencing Ashley more. When Ashley just dropped of the face of the Earth in season two, I felt that they didn’t do the mother/ daughter relationship justice. But now the writer’s are giving us a glimpse into Magnus’ head and seeing how she is still affected by Ashley’s death adds more believability.

With only four more episodes left this season, I can’t wait to see what the writers have in store for us next.

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