The Top 10 Things That MADE CyphanCon

PlayItGrand July 26, 2010 Comments Off on The Top 10 Things That MADE CyphanCon

With conventions, sometimes it’s the little things that stand out. Things that you wouldn’t realize how cool they are until they actually happen to you. CyphanCon was full of those moments, so here’s my top 10!

10. A terrific dealers room with a wide variety of wares, from old Doctor Who novels to Steampunk goggles

9. A comprehensive and clear program guide, including a map of the venue, all in one elegant little book

8. A truly terrific crowd of people dedicated to their love of scifi or horror, and proudly showing it with remarkable costumes

7. Getting taunted by a Stormtrooper

6. Two Words: Open Bar. I don’t even drink and it’s still a plus because it meant free unlimited Sprite during the Browncoat Bash!

5. An EXTREMELY reasonable price for such an intimate convention

4. Getting captured by Browncoats for the charity Jail and Bail

3. Really small, casual, and cozy Q&A sessions

2. Actually being able to ask all the questions that came to mind during Jewel Staite’s Q&A session

1. Getting grabbed by Julie Caitlin Brown at the Browncoat Bash, dragged over to the fans grouped around Jewel Staite and pointed out to Jewel!

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