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In the last few years, podcasts have become incredibly popular, but I’ve never really jumped on the bandwagon. Even though there’s a podcast for just about everything from performing arts to science, I just never found a podcast that could hold my interest for more than one or two episodes. However, I discovered recently that I genuinely enjoy podcasts about Doctor Who, one of my favorite television shows. After browsing through many podcasts, I stumbled upon a podcast about podcasting which was recorded at ChicagoTARDIS 2010. It was through that podcasting panel podcast (say that five times fast) that I learned about the New Who Podcast, a short (less than 30-minute) program produced by David Vox Mullen and his stepdaughter Nicole. I was immediately drawn to their show because I loved not only the fact that someone watches Doctor Who with his stepdaughter, but also that he co-hosts a podcast with her.

While at ChicagoTARDIS 2011, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to speak with Mullen about his podcasting career.

The New Who Podcast isn’t the first podcast that Mullen has produced; he started out in 2009 with a Flash Forward podcast, the Flash Forcast. Says Mullen, “we got to speak with the creators of the show, some of the stars of the show, and it was just my first foray into the podcasting universe. And it was kind of trial by fire, learning things that worked, things that didn’t work, but I found that because we were the first podcast about that show, we were getting a majority of the audience.”

After Flash Forward met an early death, Mullen began a new podcast about The Event, which was, unfortunately, also canceled. In summer 2011, Mullen produced Torchcast, which focused on the ten-episode Starz and BBC collaboration Torchwood: Miracle Day. Just prior to the start of the 2011 fall lineup, Mullen merged all of his productions together to form the DVM Podcast Empire, a conglomerate which now encompasses over a dozen shows. Although the idea of a podcast network isn’t new, Mullen’s empire is unique because it focuses on high-concept television shows.

Mullen truly has taken on a unique and challenging enterprise by covering so many shows, including Grimm and Terra Nova for sci-fi/fantasy geeks, Person of Interest and Alcatraz for drama buffs, American Horror Story for horror fans, and The Secret Circle for teenagers (hosted by Mullen’s stepdaughter Nicole), just to name a few. “We literally cast a giant net each year on all the high-concept, high-drama shows like Person of Interest and Alcatraz, shows that are created by people like J.J. Abrams and Jon Nolan, where we know we’re going to get the big puzzle-type mystery thing. And that’s what we do, we just enjoy trying to unravel the mystery, and we’re having great fun with it.” Because the DVMPE podcasts include so many shows, Mullen couldn’t possibly host them all. While he does produce each podcast, he currently has contributing hosts in New Jersey, South Carolina, Illinois, and even the United Kingdom.

Anyone can record a podcast, but both the production and the content of the DVM Podcast Empire’s shows are definitely high-quality. The hosts are engaging and entertaining, thorough in their reviews, and their discussions are thought-provoking without being overly serious. In fact, some hosts are so personable that I’ve actually caught myself agreeing (or arguing) with them out loud in my car. Mullen explains, “we’re just having a blast, meeting new people, and we’re always growing and looking for new podcasters and new talent.”

If you’re a fan of any of the shows that the DVM Podcast Empire produces, I absolutely recommend that you check out their podcasts. In addition to current productions, you can also download podcasts from shows that are no longer with us. If there’s a show not currently being produced by the DVM Podcast Empire that you’d like to see added to their lineup, please contact David Vox Mullen via www.dvmpe.com

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