The Gentleman is a Vamp!

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If it was possible for an actor to be typecast as a vampire, then Christopher Heyerdahl has pretty much bought the t-shirt. Not that we mind though! After all he is extraordinarily good at playing long-lived psychos with a blood-lust.

 As reported by Deadline and, Chris has landed a part in HBO’s popular vampire series True Blood.

He will portray Dieter Braun, an ancient, powerful vampire who plays a large part in the intelligence of the Authority and especially enjoys enhanced interrogation. – Deadline

Yeah, that sounds about right, doesn’t it? Chris has proven again and again that he has a knack for this kind of role, first a Wraith on Stargate Atlantis, then Marcus in the Twilight films. True Blood is expected to be a recurring role for Chris, and while Sanctuary fans were puzzled by his long absence in the fourth season, this would seem to indicate that if – or rather when – Sanctuary is given a fifth season, John Druitt will still be missing in action.

The fifth season of True Blood will arrive this summer on HBO.

You can catch Chris right now in Hell on Wheels on AMC.

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