Riffin’ In the Dirty South With Jennifer’s Body

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Cineprov Carries on the Tradition of MST3K

Jennifer's Body: Somewhere on the hot/crazy scale is awful.

Recently two SpaceGypsies had a chance to take in a local Atlanta impov tradition,  Cineprov.  Cineprov carries on the practice of RIFFING, most famously practiced by the folks at Mystery Science Theater 3000.  Riffing, for those who aren’t aware, is the practice of watching a movie while making fun of it.  We all do it, but the best riffers do it in public.

With nearly a dozen seasoned riffers, Cineprov rotates the pain through the riffers.  This improv troupe was founded by Larry Johnson. They have found a patient and accepting location at the Relapse Theater, close to the Georgia Tech campus. The evening we tramped down Larry was joined by Pat and Don.  The movie for the evening? “Jennifer’s Body.”  The movie was chosen by Pat specifically for the Jennifer and Nity (pronounced Needy) kissing. Pat was able to choose because it was his birthday.

Did I mention that unlike MST3K, Cineprov is not family friendly? No? Okay…it is not family friendly. Not at all.  It is a dirty, dirty, hilarious evening of mockery.

So…we have a movie that is nearly soft-core porn, three men covering a variety of adult ages, and beer…lots of beer.  Did I mention the bar? Much like Watching MST3K at home, Cineprov comes with a full bar in the basement.  Also … during the show the wait staff from the basement come up to take orders.  The staff also give out popcorn and cookies for most show, but for Pat’s birthday we had cupcakes.  Cupcakes and Fat Tires.  Not a bad snack.

There is not a lot of point in reviewing the movie…it was awful and was skewered.  Basically, I will watch anything with Amanda Seyfried…but this movie really bends that rule.  (Note: I am a dude and therefore I have never seen “Mama Mia.” That doesn’t count.) But, it was a great night for me and my traveling companion, who continued to discuss both the comedy and the flaws in “Jennifer’s Body” at Glady Knight’s Chicken ‘N’ Waffles.

If you missed “Jennifer’s Body” at Cineprov, do not panic…they ridicule films every Friday night.  On the agenda for the next few months are William Castle’s “House on Haunted Hill,” “Days of Thunder,” and “300.”  They are also showing “The Room,” though I find it difficult to believe this is even worth the effort…but I am intrigued.  I am also sad I will not be able to see “House on Haunted Hill”…which Rifftrax Live recently riffed.

Call for reservations (and check out the details on their website).

Star Wars – Once  Month

I have saved the geekiest point of Cineprov for the end! On the first Saturday of every month from January through June Cineprov will be riffing on Star Wars Episodes I – IV.  It is too late to enjoy The Phantom Menace…in fact, I think it’s been too late to enjoy the Phantom Menace since 1999.  But, that aside…Attack of the Clones will be shown on February 4, 2012.  I will be there for that show, by the grace of God.

SpaceGypsy traveling keeps me on the road…


For more information see:



Relapse Theatre
380 14th Street NW
Atlanta, Ga 30318
Every Friday! First Saturday Each Month! Doors and Bar at 7:00 PM Show Starts at 8:00 PM




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