Michael Shanks Gets His Own Show, Saving Hope

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Finally after far too long, Michael Shanks has landed a leading role on a new television series!

I should probably preface this post by reminding those who know and informing those that don’t know that Michael Shanks is my #1 favorite actor. Not only did he play my favorite character on my favorite franchise for over ten years, but I’ve seen him in person more than a few times. Though I certainly don’t know everything – that would be creepy – I like to think I know him as well as any fan can hope to know their favorite celebrity. Not only is he a fantastic actor but he’s a great person. He single handedly made a number of the worst SyFy movies ever made into something worth watching. If you doubt his talent, or worse, you are unfamiliar with his work, all you have to do is watch one episode of Stargate SG-1, “Lifeboat”, with the knowledge that Michael largely developed all those characters himself, creating and practicing at least three different accents with only a week or two weeks of notice before filming.

A regular starring role in a new series is long overdue for Michael. He has been bouncing from one guest role and TV movie to another, with the exception of Red Riding Hood (read my review here), since before the Stargate franchise stalled out. I can’t say how thrilled I am that at last he may have a starring role, and on a show that will hopefully air on a major network so everyone will finally see his talent.

Now for what we know about Michael’s show! Sometimes trailers don’t explain what’s going on very well, but this one kind of does. Check it out!

So to sum it up, Michael plays Chief of Surgery Charlie Harris. His fiancé, played by Erica Durance, is also a doctor. While Erica is known for Smallville, it’s fun to note that she had a guest role on Stargate SG-1 in the seventh season’s “Affinity”, and Erica and Michael did have a couple scenes! In Saving Hope the couple gets in a car accident and Charlie goes into a coma. Suddenly he starts to have an out-of-body experience and discovers that he can wander the hospital unseen. Thankfully we can see him, which is wonderful because that tux? WOW.

After reading comments on GateWorld.net, I have to agree with a few fans who commented that it has a kind of soapy Grey’s Anatomy feel to it. Personally I don’t go for that type of show. Yet to me it reminds me more of CBS’s A Gifted Man, which I would have watched if I could have just found the time. Unfortunately word is that A Gifted Man isn’t going to survive for another season. At the same time, perhaps a more diverse group of viewers have been leaving lots of positive and excited comments about Saving Hope‘s trailer on YouTube. Hopefully this means that there is an eager audience waiting to embrace the show.

To me this plot is interesting, and it does peak my curiosity. One of the things that has me curious though is how long can a show can keep one star in a coma? They are centering the show around the idea that Charlie is a free spirit in the hospital, watching and commenting on the goings on, unseen and unheard, while his body lies in a coma. At some point Charlie either has to wake up and get on with his life, or else his family would eventually have to consider making a hard decision. Either way, your plot has to change, and fast. By the way, if Michael has to die again . . .  I shudder to think!

No matter how things turn out, I for one will be watching Saving Hope because I can’t pass up the chance to support my favorite actor. I hope that more fans of Michael’s work will be willing to step out of their usual genres to give the show a fair chance. After all, how long have we been saying that Michael deserves this? This role definitely suits him. Tune in with me, because no matter what the show is like, you know Michael will make it worth your time!

At last word NBC is interested in Saving Hope. Keep it glued right here for developments!

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