Gone but not forgotten, Good bye Chuck

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Chuck season 5

Casey, Chuck & Sarah

After 5 years as one of the best shows on television, “Chuck” said goodbye with style, on January 27, 2012. Chuck will be missed, but not forgotten. I was introduced to Chuck by my husband, and was quickly hooked just as most of the geek world was. What’s not to like? It’s the story of a geek working as a techie at the local Buy More when, by accident, he is exposed to the Intersect, a database containing the identities of operatives from the worlds spy networks. It also gives the recipient superhuman abilities.

So what happens when a typical geek accidentally has this information downloaded to his brain? A whole lot of fun, comedy, awkwardness, and of course he is recruited to become a spy!  That is only after the NSA & CIA place him under protective custody. Chuck went from the awkward guy in love with the beautiful spy to a somewhat confident, skilled operative and the geek who got the girl! A true class act of a show, with fantastic writers and excellent actors. It’s only been a week, and already I miss Chuck, just as other fans.

Chuck & Sarah's Wedding

I’m not going to recap the episode because you can watch it on NBC.com, and get a full recap there that is more detailed.  However, Morgan moves in with Alex; Ellie & Awesome move to Chicago, and Sarah has lost her memory after using the intersect to help Chuck.  And finally we see Jeff & Lester helping the gang rather than causing trouble for them.   The last few episodes including the two hour finale take us in a 180 degree turn, giving us a look into Sarah’s life.  Up until now the focus was on Chuck & Ellie’s past, with a few episodes focusing on Casey.  Sarah has always been an enigma throughout the past five seasons, I was glad to see the final focus being on her life.

Although I wish that Sarah had been able to get the intersect glasses that would have given her her memories back. But that is not how it happened, and Sarah still does not remember her life with Chuck. Now Chuck must find her, and it is Morgan who tells him “Follow you heart.”

Chuck finds Sarah sitting on the beach.  He sits down next to her, then explains his feelings.  Sarah wants to find the memories she’s lost and to return to the life she had with Chuck, but first she must find those memories. She looks at Chuck and asks him to tell her everything about how they met to the present.  She leans her head on his shoulder as Chuck begins the story of their life, the scene fades as he begins recalling those memories, and this is how the series concludes.

The conclusion is short and sweet, so that’s how I am keeping this review.  Please go to nbc.com/chuck for the full video, recaps and Mosaic photos you can download as wallpaper, because you will be glad you did!


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