Aging Is Not The Bad Part Of Getting Older or Where’s My Science Fiction!

SpaceGypsy1 February 13, 2012 1 Comment »

The bad part about getting older is that all your fandoms shrink while the young people support those fandoms that they love and I find b o r i n g.  I know, I know, I know the producer has to go where the money is, and young people are spending the money, but I don’t have to be happy about it.  I feel as though I’ve been jettisoned out of the spaceship to float totally alone in the silence of space with unanswered questions.

So… where’s my Claudia Black on a spaceship or going through a wormhole?  She’s a fabulous actor!  She makes me laugh and cry at the appropriate moments.  She makes a charming if disarming alien.  She can be human too. She flies spaceships, wears leather, is awesome with a honking spacegun! 

Where are those early 40 something hunky space men? Hmmm?

 Why are there only 20 somethings in unappealing un-science fictionie SciFi which is actually fantasy/horror?  I like fantasy.  I see the value of horror.  It is not science fiction!

Why is there wrestling on the SyFy channel?

 Why is it called SyFy? Is it for Shaft you and frack/frell you? 

Where’s my ensemble casted outer-space-wormhole-stargate-spacewestern-alien-abduction-spaceship-mystery-comedy-drama? I need space ships! Space battles! Wormholes! Alien/human romance!

 I thump my head on the desk, or chair, or pillow and cry in vain!       

At least there’s Dragon*Con!  where I can see all my favorite characters walking around as cos play as well as the actors on panels. As awesome as it is, that’s only once a year! I don’t want to go to my grave… okay my energy vacating my body, without seeing more awesome Sci-Fi characters.

 I do not begrudge the younger generation their fandoms.  I just want my piece of the happiness! I want Science Fiction!  I want some outer-space action!  I want some Firefly, FarscapeStar Trek and ST the Next Generation, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis.

Defying Gravity, short lived in 2009, had a good start but was cancelled too.  There were people on a spaceship, there was mystery, romance, action… spaceships! 

 I love Sanctuary.  I watch Fringe, Eureka, Warehouse 13, and True Blood sometimes.

 But those are NOT my Science Fiction go to planets and interact with space-people shows.

The most Science Fiction on TV is what’s mentioned on The Big Bang Theory…which I do love.

The bottom line here is that Character Driven Ensemble Cast Outer Space Alien Science Fiction is not popular and therefore not going to show up anytime soon… unless it shows up in the form of some dark, sexed up (only good thing about it) over acted, under written reality show wanna be.

Getting old sucks…unless there IS hope: Space 2099 ? 


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    Very nice article and very well said!

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