Big Finish Audio Dramas – An interview with Paul Spragg

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Paul Spragg, Big Finish’s Stargate Producer, was kind enough to answer a few questions for the SpaceGypsies.

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How long have you been a Producer for Big Finish?

Not very long; a couple of years. My first producing credit was Highlander season two, which I enjoyed putting together immensely. The rest of the time I’m employed in the Big Finish offices as Producers’ Assistant to do all manner of bits and pieces ranging from appearing in podcasts to posting out competition prizes and scripts and putting together CD inlays.

Besides Stargate, what are you involved in producing for Big Finish?

At the moment, nothing. I’d love to do more Highlander, but sales weren’t really strong enough to warrant pursuing it.

You’ve mentioned that your dream would be to do a Farscape audio drama. What are some of the roadblocks to doing that?  Any possibilities on the horizon?

We looked into it a while ago but nothing came of it. Licensing shows is expensive, but licensing American shows is very expensive, so we have to establish if it’s worth pursuing or not. I’d still love to do it; it was one of my favourite shows and I’ve met most of the cast, who were a joy, but it seems unlikely at the moment. The comic books that continued the show were superb, though. I recommend those…

Is there some personal or professional story in your history with Big Finish that makes you laugh or cringe when you think about it?

I can’t think of anything cringeworthy from the last three years. There are a lot of laughs here though; most of them you can probably hear on the podcasts. It does amuse me that I’ve somehow acquired a small degree of fame just by talking rubbish on those.

 What’s the one thing you’d like to see happen in an audio drama that hasn’t happened yet?

I would love to see a full cast Stargate audio with all of SG-1. But I suspect we would bankrupt ourselves trying to finance it!

 Here at we are very excited about the upcoming Stargate SG1, Daniel and Vala two-part audio dramas being released in May and August. Is there a snippet, line, or scene you can share with us?

Hmmm… well, I enjoy Daniel and Vala’s faltering attempts to go undercover in one story, there are some powerful emotional moments for Daniel that sounded incredible in the studio, and we do a lot of playing with the ‘will they won’t they’ nature of Daniel and Vala’s relationship; they have some tough times together. Plus: Ba’al and the Asgard! Who doesn’t want to hear those guys again?

Will there be an actual audio trailer on the Big Finish site? And if so, when?

There will; the first story is being sound designed at the moment, so once we have some nifty sound effects, we’ll be able to bring you something. I’m hoping sometime in March there will be a trailer.

Can you share some story from Claudia Black’s sessions?

I’m afraid I can’t as I wasn’t there! It was all directed in Los Angeles and I couldn’t convince the head of the company to fly me out just to sit and enjoy listening to it all…

We’ve read that Michael Shanks had good chemistry with John Schwab who read Vala’s part while Michael was doing Daniel’s. Would you mind giving us some more details on this?

Ah, slight misunderstanding there. It was John Banks. John’s my go-to actor for a variety of voices, and he plays several roles in the upcoming series. He’s great to have on hand as a ‘read-in’ actor as his range enables him to play multiple parts. His Vala was surprisingly good, and by the time of the third day of recording with Michael, their rapport was oddly convincing. He picked up on the flirtatious and cheeky nature of their relationship and was really playing up to it!

Do you have any plans for U.S. conventions?  (We’d love to see you at Dragon*Con this year).

At the moment, no. It all depends on costs and availability. I’d love to come out and do more, though. I’ve been Stateside before for Big Finish, so I’m sure we’ll be back at some stage soon with the new box sets.

Xena vs. Magnus, who would win in a fight?

Hmmm, tricky. Magnus has got the smarts and centuries of knowledge to help her, but Xena’s fought the God of War to a standstill, so I’d choose her. Unless, of course, you’re talking about Ultra Magnus the Transformer, in which case him. He’s much bigger than Xena and could just squash her.

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