Remnant Part II: The Brothers Young Productions

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Remnant is the creative brain child of Penny Dreadful Productions and a collaborative effort of Atlanta’s creative community. Remnant made its debut as a line of steampunk inspired costumes at Dragon*Con 2011. The costumes, displayed beautifully in the photography of Dim Horizon Studio, were an instant hit among fans and Atlanta’s thriving independent film community took notice. Drawing inspiration from the intricate costumes, rich back story and Amy Houser’s fabulous poster art with logo by Jim Ware, PDP are setting out to create a multi-platform experience that includes costumes, films and live entertainment.


Space Gypsies recently met with Matt Young to talk about Remnant.  Matt and his brother Jared form the production company The Brothers Young. Space Gypsies readers might remember The Brother’s Young from the astounding “Galactic Perry’s Learning Starship.”

What drew you first to Remnant?

I first saw the costumes at Dragon Con when PDP debuted them.  Jared and I were immediately drawn to the world that PDP was starting to create.  We really felt like we could bring the costumes to life through the medium of film.  Jared and I wrote a short film for each costume, 6 total.  The goal was to tell the story of an individual character.  Each video is a glimpse into that characters life on the eve of a battle.

You are known for children’s television and parody/comedy works such as Doritos commercials and Galactic Perry, how was the Remnant experience different? How much fun was it and why?

Remnant is a very fun world to play in from a storyteller’s perspective.  We did not feel the need to be funny, which immediately relieves a large amount of stress.  Jared and I love visuals and we felt like our history with our past productions benefited us in Remnant.  The combination of incredible costuming from PDP, make fx from Andre Freitas at AFX, Film production from Owen Smith at Kalon Media and some Brilliant co-directing by our buddy Chance White really made for a great end product.

 Tell me about the location shots?

Many of the sets were constructed at our Studios in Marietta, Ga, including all green screen shots.  We also had the benefit of using Afterlight Pictures’ office space.   We shot on location 2 out of the 6 production days.  We shot at the Duluth Train Museum, which is an incredibly rich and diverse environment and we shot at The Old Roswell Mill machine shop which sit next to the covered bridge.  We felt like both these locations were a great combination of old and new, modern and historic.

And green screen was used?

There are a handful of CGI shots in Remnant.  Chance White and friends will be doing a good bit of post to bring these shots to life.


What do you see as the next natural step for Remnant? 

Remnant has such wonderful potential.  The opportunities for stories are endless.  We are planning an interactive live show in the coming months and we would love to start building support for a feature film.

How did the concept translate to film?

I think the concept is going to translate very well to film.  You always to be careful, it is easy to film something that looks cool.  But what is your story?  We are always focusing on building a compelling story that people will want to be a part of.

How amazing were the special effects?  What else do you want to say about them?

We were blessed to have two creatures designed by Andre Freitas.  I think everyone will see that they bring some extra artistic production value to an already fantastically rich world created by PDP.

Any word of moving forward with Perry Con II?

Haha, shockingly enough Perry is not dead.  Our friends at School of Humans Productions are working diligently at securing us some more funds to bring the next episodes to life.

PDP’s Remnant: More Information!

Photography – Dim Horizon Studios

Penny Dreadful Productions – Penny Dreadful Facebook

Remnant – Remnant

Production – Brothers Young Production

Makeup Special FX – AFX Studios


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